Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday/Thursday and some more thoughts

It's lunch time on Thursday. I joined two of the girls, Tif and Heather T. outside for lunch. Usually there's a whole gang of us, but today it was just us three. It was lovely - boiling though! We dress for the air conditioned classroom, so the Nashville heat is ridiculous! Getting in our car at the end of the day is always painful - and we are so very thankful that our AC works well and kicks in shortly.

Last night was a lovely, relaxing night. I made us dinner - Garlic flounder, pesto pasta with Spinach and grated Squash and roasted garlic Asparagus. Healthy and tasty tasty.

Paul went out fishing (he caught 8 fish, though released them since they were small) and I stayed home to have a bath (in the walk in bath tub - crazy) and read a book. It was lovely. And much needed.

I've been doodling a lot lately - and it's been a huge help in keeping focused in class, and keeping my mind from getting lost with new ideas....and it helps me to talk a bit less than I naturally would.

This is our "School of Ministry 2012" doodle.
It's got all our names.
The class wants to make it into a shirt.

We've been having such good reminders in class that though we're learning a lot and gathering a lot of information, it's not about the knowledge. Ministry and christianity are still about a relationship with Christ - and an understanding of the gospel - the magnitude of my debt and the greatness of His provision. It's a request to God to change me first, meet me first, and out of that ministry comes. The ability to love comes out of that. This drives us to grace, to the Gospel, every day. We're still called, we're still moving forward but a reminder that we're in His will and under His covering. What a beautiful reminder to walk into the call He has on our lives in His power and love. The saints in heaven have the same assurance we do - daaaaang. That's mind blowing. Like for real. 

We've been learning today about effective communication, leadership and mostly Church History. Some of the stories are down right intense - and a reminder that the world only has so many outcomes - history keeps repeating itself throughout time. It is very interesting to watch. 

Alright - we got out early, it's now time to make Fish Tacos and relax with my lovely husband. 

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