Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 7, Thursday: Maple Grove, MN to Green Bay, WI

Day 7, Thursday: Maple Grove, MN to Green Bay, WI
KM start: 148,741 km
Trip Meter: 3,575 km
Time Driven: 4pm - 11:30pm (7 1/2 hours driven)

Woke up early to finish some blogging. Then slowly we all made our way upstairs for breakfast at leisure. On and off we chatted with Morgan and Jamie, packed our stuff and looked at photos. I got some great QT time to with Aunt Jamie and it was lovely - it felt like chatting with Auntie Sandy or Nana. It felt like family. It was much appreciated. I very much enjoyed the time.

Then Morgan, Aunt Jamie, Paul and I went to Weaver Lake for a picnic lunch and some softball catch.
It was awesome.

Aunt Jamie and Morgan tried to take our photo.
It was tricky.

Then, sadly, Paul and I needed to get ready to leave. We packed up our bags, repacked our car and hit the road.

We drove for a long time, but it was beautiful and we had some great conversations. We really enjoyed the landscape and the talks. Plus each town had a cool sign. We liked that.

We stopped for subway some Walmart foods for tomorrow and ended up in Green Bay, WI by 11:30pm. We checked into a Travelodge ($53 a night, what up) and have been watching Conan and having a few beers. Perfect ending to a long drive.

As we drove near the Hotel Paul looked out and saw the Green Bay Packers Stadium (Lambeau Field) and Paul got very excited. Tomorrow may blow his mind.

Tour of Lambeau Field, shopping for Green Bay Paraphenalia and high hopes of running into some packers players (unlikely).

Then we'll be off to Taylorville, Il for our anniversary weekend - 2 years, whoo.

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