Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday in Nashville

Saturday was a lovely full day. We got to sleep in, however my body wasn't into I woke up at 6am, read in bed til 8am and then got up and balanced our trip budget, edited some photos, folded laundry and caught up on some old school tv (think Moesha, Sister Sister, Boy meets world and Saved by the Bell). 

At 10am Paul woke up and I made us Omelettes. It was my first attempt and they turned out pretty well.
First, I baked veggies in Johnny's garlic seasoning


Then I put some veggies and cheese on one side and let it cook with a lid on it.

Then comes the fold once the egg is holding enough to be folded.

And the final flip and addition of Ketchup.

Then we lounged around for a while. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Then we slowly got up and got ready to head into Nashville. We were joining some of our crew near downtown Nashville for a Jazz Festival (small but colourful), a Farmers Market, some shopping at the local mall, and finally swing dancing outside at a Park with Big Band. I'll show you some pictures to really show you how awesome the day was. 

Walking along a TN memorial to the Festival

Paul's catfish from a roadside vendor at the Festival

The Farmers Market had many Zucchini and Squash - 
we are thoroughly enjoying how tasty it is!

We stopped at McDonalds - inexpensive iced coffees are the way to go
4 drinks for $7.50!

There was no toilet paper in the McDonalds bathroom 
and they had this sign on the back of the door...

Anyways, back to the coffees....

This is Rachel.
She's adorable.

Me, Rachel and Virginia
These are the girls we hung out with all day.
They are AWESOME.
They are both "relator" strength, as is Paul.
They all get each other - and I'm just friendly, so it works.

Oh look, it's me and my love.
He won't let me stand on my toes for photos anymore.
He says he likes my height.

Ahhh the Nashville Parthenon.

And gorgeous!
A place to dance under lanterns.

There were 4 girls and 6 boys. 
This was a bit awkward for dancing.

Paul taught us all the steps - and the girls took turns dancing with all the guys.
Switch, switch, Switch.
I was so tired of being spun by the end, haha.
So dizzy!

We danced for a few hours and Paul proved, yet again, that he is the dance master.
He not only rocked the swing, but he kicked butt at the line dancing.

Now that's "big sexy"

We hung out until about 10pm - fireflies, warm evening, good conversation.

We got home and pretty much immediately crawled into bed to sleep.
Love me some sleep!

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