Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life this week

Class this week has been intense. We are learning, among other things, Essential Doctrine and Church History. It is full and wonderful and overwhelming and powerful. 

I'll most likely have more to say in a while but for now - I'll leave it at that.

Monday night after class we met up with Kacey and Tanner Shetler. Kacey and Tanner are friends that live in Nashville but that Paul and I met in them in Vancouver when they were living there for a brief period. I didn't know Tanner that well at the time, but I knew and sooo appreciated Kacey. My first night going to an event at EveryNation, just after becoming a christian, I went to a women's event. Kacey was one of the first women that welcomed me so kindly. I loved getting to know her. She made me feel very welcome. When I came to visit her four years ago I once again enjoyed visiting her.  And now I not only get to visit someone I enjoy, but also Paul gets to visit someone (Tanner) he enjoys as well!

We met up with them for dinner at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant. It was awesome. The ambience was fun and lively, the food was everything I'd been wishing for lately in Mexican food and the prices were great. Plus the company was wonderful. 

The creamy dip.

I've been craving flautas for months now but so far I'd only found them at Gina's Mexican Cafe a place I only get to visit when I get to Nanaimo.

Kacey, Wade and I.

This is why Paul shouldn't take photos.

On our way home we went to the grocery store
They are getting ready for fourth of July

We took a different route home.
It was also gorgeous.

Tuesday night we came home to do homework and start working on our 6 minute sermons.
I'm struggling to decide what to speak on - I'm attracted to three topics: insecurity, community and anxiety.
All three are my go to things to talk about - and I look forward to fitting them into a sermon that would inspire people towards Jesus - but I just can't pick one!
And in 6 minutes, I obviously can only talk through one topic!

Also on Tuesday I made us dinner.

I decided Zucchini boats stuffed with cream cheese, garlic, crab and Zucchini.
Soooo good.

I also made steak.
I sautéed up onions, mushrooms and crab to top on the steak.

Add some pesto orzo and it was a perfect meal.
Not overly healthy but sooo worth it.

And that is this Monday and Tuesday.

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LeAnna et David said...

the food looks amazing! all of it! I miss good Mexican--it's so hard to find in Cambridge and English people don't know what they're talking about usually when they say a place is good.

Can't you work the three themes into six minutes? Insecurity is formed from anxiety, or vice versa, so that bundles two in one, and a good community can definitely help overcome that. done. Three seconds. :P Go read one of St Paul's letters. He probably says the same.


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