Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 10: Taylorville, Il to Nashville, TN

Day 10, Sunday: Taylorville, Il to Nashville, TN
KM start: 150,024 km

Trip Meter: 722 km
Time Driven: 6am - 1:30pm (7 1/2 hours driven)
Trip End: 150,800 km

We headed off bright and early from our B&B.
We hit the road and chatted most of the way there. 
A small switch for a bit - I drove and listened to an audio tape while Paul napped. 
Then we got back to chatting.

It was beautiful.
Also including strange amounts of bugs hovering in clouds together. 

We crossed through Kentucky.

Then into Tennessee!

Arrived in Tennessee.
And an hour later we were in in Nashville and unpacking. 

Well really Thompson's Station, TN because there's where we're staying. 

We unpacked, took a brief swim in the pool, showered and then headed into town for our school's orientation reception. 
We are attending Every Nation Campus Ministry's School of Ministry (SOM) in Brentwood, TN, half an hour outside of Nashville.
We met in the classroom that would be ours for the next 7 weeks, and got to meet our other classmates. 
There are almost 30 of us. 
Compared to the 12 in my class 4 years ago, that's a big change!

We went around the room and did introductions:
city, church & pastor
why you're at the SOM 
what you hope to get out of the SOM

There is a large group from Nashville itself, and a few clusters from Texas and Orlando.
As expected we're the only Canadians and we're also the only East Coasters - I don't think there are even any people from the Midwest.

There are 8 guys (3 white americans, 3 african americans, one african and one south african).
There are about 15-18 women, with a predominantly African American vibe. It's pretty awesome. 
That's a culture mix we don't get a lot in Vancouver and I love it. 

I was a bit nervous when we walked into the reception.
30 people all chatting is pretty intimidating! 
But the people are friendly, and it was great to see some familiar faces (like the teacher and administrator of the SOM and one of the head pastors for EN) from before. 
Helped make me feel at ease.

This class is dynamic, entertaining and not afraid to speak up.
We are from so many different cultures, cities and backgrounds and yet we are here under a common goal - to grow in our relationships with Christ and learn how to lead others similarly.
It's rad.

Anyways...I'm writing this after a week of school is done, but I will save those insights and thoughts for another day.
But I will say that is has been a most amazing week.
Mind blowing in fact.
And I thank the Lord, I am here to learn it all.

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