Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 4, Monday: Billings, MT to Badlands, SD - Part Two, Badlands

Written in the dark.

We are camped out in the Badlands. Oh my word. It is amazing here. Like truly amazing.  So beautiful. We are in love with the terrain.

After exploring for a while we headed to the badlands campground, right in the park! As we got to setting up for our first camping time on the trip we realized we’d (Paul) left our tent in Canada. So we’ve jerry rigged an awning and are still attempting to sleep outside under it. I am making the best, while Paul is ecstatic. It helps him redeem the fact that we paid $16 for camping and have a tap with running water and a bathroom (both are across the campground from us).

We grilled up some veggies and heated up some frozen pasta. We cracked a few beers and have sat in our camping chairs watching the sun set and now have turned out chairs to watch the moon, glow orange over the world.

With all this beauty it is so obvious to us that God created the world. We keep stopping to pray or rejoice in his creation. This country is beautiful and we can’t believe we get to enjoy it!

Oh and our licence plate count is up to 42! We realized early on today that rest stops and national monuments make for great licence plate spottings. So now any time we’re in a prime location we have the notebook out and are both on high alert. It is actually awesome.

Paul is getting up before sunrise to go on a morning hike around the badlands to watch the sunrise. I will be “sleeping in” until 5:30am. At 5:30am we will wake up, make breakfast and lunch (with groceries bought yesterday), pack up our stuff and head out onto the road so we can make great time to St. Paul, Minnesota to see the Pfaff’s. We will be stopping only for gas, the Corn Palace at Mitchell SD and at Walmart (for a new tent). We have an 8 hour drive head of us and are keen to make it to see our dear family. I’m about to retire to the bed Paul made for us – it will be my first experience sleeping mostly in the outdoors – I’m equally excited and nervous – now if only this dang wind would slow down!

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