Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 3, Sunday: Portland, OR to Billings, MT

Day 3, Sunday: Portland, OR to Billings, MT
KM start: 145,747 km
Trip Meter: 581 km
Time Driven: 6am – 11pm (17 hours driven)

Today is a long day. Our goal is to be at Mount Rushmore by midday Monday, so we are thinking of driving straight through about 20 hours to get there instead of stopping, getting a hotel around 2am and then spending the day doing Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and Wall Drug. Also Paul has to register for classes in the morning Monday so we’ll need to plop ourselves at some internet for a while, which is when this will all be posted, since we haven't had much internet or time to edit and post pictures/thoughts.

Currently Paul is driving, we’ve crossing over from Oregon into Washington on the I – 84 to the I-82. It’s 9:30 and we’ve been driving for almost 4 hours. We’re listening to Glee to keep us energized. Zach and Sarah sent us out with breakfast and lunch – which was such a blessing!

We have a goal of $25 a day on food for both of us, including all three meals. We have a cooler filled with cheese strings, and some frozen pasta dinners to help pad out our meal planning and we’ve managed to do very well on our budget thus far.  Friday we ate out twice but only spent $28.50, and then Saturday we spent $6 on coffees, and thus far we’ve only needed to spent $9 at starbucks (we got some iced via packs as well as our coffees) and shouldn’t have to buy any food until dinner time. It may sound dorky, but we’re excited to see how close we can stick to our budget, it’s fun to find ways to eat well, eat enjoyably and stick to a budget.

Alright, we’re off to find a bathroom, because, shocker, I have to pee! Bane of my existence, this bladder.

Edited to add later:
Well we caved and got a hotel in Billings, Montana at 11pm. We were too tired to keep driving, especially since we’d have another early morning ahead of us.  We loved the drive today though, Idaho and Montana were beautiful and Coere D’Alane impressed us both – we thought, nicely done Idaho. 
Driving out of Oregon

Paul loved seeing the rad Sheriff's 

Welcome to Idaho - well done, State

Welcome to Montana - we like your western side

The views were rad

Over 17 hours I read this book and it was lovely.

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LeAnna et David said...

looks like a beautiful drive!


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