Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2: Saturday, Portland, OR – Jantzen Beach – Louanne and Steve’s Wedding

Day 2: Saturday, Portland, OR – Jantzen Beach – Louanne and Steve’s Wedding
No driving!

After staying up until almost 1am talking with Zach and Sarah we got to “sleep in” until about 9 and then enjoyed a great breakfast together that they prepared for us. We laughed through the entire thing. We really enjoy spending with them – so easy to talk with!

Then we headed off to the wedding – from about 11am until about 4pm we were wedding-ing it up. Partying, food, family and friends…it was perfect.

On top of that it was a wedding that hugely honoured the couple getting married – I love seeing a couple sent out in love and with support as they enter into marriage. It was clear that Louanne and Steve were loved and appreciated by their families and friends. It was also clear that since Steve lives in Gresham, OR and Louanne has been living in Vancouver, BC that while everyone is so happy for them that Louanne will be very missed in Vancouver. She has invested deeply in the lives of women and family in Vancouver and she will be a very lucky addition to Gresham! As Paul said, Portland is better off for having her move there.

We joined church friends and family to rest after the wedding – we all hung out in the pool and hot tub for a few hours at the hotel and it was LOVELY. The bridesmaids in particular were so glad to take off the heels and fancy dresses and put on swimsuits and let the hot tub melt away all the stress and emotion. It was so great to chat with friends like Steph H and family like Janice, that I don’t always get a chance to hang out with.

Plus Paul got to goof around with his younger cousins and get rid of some much needed energy, since Sunday was bringing with it 20 hours of driving.

We all headed to a tiny café, Hidden Cove Café, for dinner. 13 of us crammed into the tiny café and burgers and beers later had a great time of laughter and family.

Also I made a wise choice and picked a shrimp salad. Tricky but wise!

It was soooo great to spend time with Paul’s family before heading out – they are so amazing at making me feel loved and included and since

Then we headed back to visit some more with Zach and Sarah and go to bed because we had a 6am start coming the next morning. But we got to have some more time laughing and chatting with them before bed, and it was much appreciated!

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