Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random thoughts

Good news, I just discovered that the Minugses have some bikes.
Bikes I tell you!
Therefore, two mornings in a row I have gotten up at 6am and ridden through the countryside.
It's cool enough to not die from the heat, but warm enough to bike in a tank top.
It's was lovely.
I will be doing this for the next while.

Also I discovered that there is a huge tea mug in our suite and I'm soooooo happy.

Last night I made us some seafood pasta.
Trout, Crab, Pasta, Zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes and lots of Johnny's garlic seasoning.

It was amazing.
AND there was just under a cup left at the end, so I added that to some lettuce and fresh veggies for a cold pasta salad for lunch the next day and it was AMAHZING.

I thought you might like a look at my desk and note habit here.
Well mostly I'd like to show you.

Below is my notebook and binder.

Paul thought I should show you my line up of drinks that I have each day.

Here are some random class photos.
You can see that we're moved around each day.

And I finally figured out how to take outfit photos myself.
When Paul takes them I manage to look larger, and of course, that won't do.

Today was pretty mind boggling.
We dealt with Calvanism versus Arminianism, Essential Doctrines and more of Church History. My mind is literally bursting!

We had a written test today - the first one (last week) I got 20 out of 20.
There were about 10 of us (including Paul) that got a perfect score.

This last test was harder. I got the highest score at 22 out of 25.
Only myself and another guy passed
(you had to get 20 to pass).
But I was pretty proud.

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner. I made Zucchini Lasagne and garlic parmesan knots - and it was awesome.
We had Jessica and Barry Lee over. They are Campus Ministers here in Nashville.  Jessica is our teachers daughter and she was a friend when I was here four years ago. Last time we were both in Nashville we were both single and now, here we are, four years later, both married! Paul and Barry get along really well - our teacher (and Jessica's dad) predicted that due to their strength finders that they would get along very well. He was right! In fact they both have a fascination with city planning and much more!
We had a great time talking about ministry, marriage and life. What fun to hang out with a couple that, realistically, we hardly know, but that we click so well with! I love relationships like that! Jessica and Barry are honest and fun - and there was a lot of laughter and great conversation around the table. 

I'm noticing more and more there are so many people here in Nashville that I really enjoy and I love that I can go to so many places around the world and meet great people. It is fascinating that there are rad people everywhere!

Alright, since I'm going to be getting up at 6am for a sweet bike riding loop I should probably go to sleep. It's 10:17am and 6am will come early!

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jenna said...

you look super tiny in your outfit of the day! And good for you for starting to bike again! Love you!!


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