Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday in Nashville

Jenna was asking to see where we live while in Nashville, TN for the summer - so here it is!

Our Kitchen

Living Room

Elevator and TV.
Yup, Elevator.
We use it every day.

Twin beds pushed together.


We are so blessed to live here. 

Sunday morning we went to Bethel Brentwood, the "mother" church. It was awesome.
It was fathers day so they had a men form a men's choir.

Started with a lone, deep, singer.

Then he was joined by a few other voices.

And then the rest of the men joined in.

And all heaven broke lose.
For reals.

Here's a clip - it's sideways and it gives only a glimpse of how awesome it was.

I was grinning. Ear to ear. 
Moved by God and happy.

Now I get why there was brief time in our EN Vancouver church's history when we tried to be "gospel". 
It's awesome.

They also played the following video, Dad's life, which made us roar with laughter.

We had a great time.
Plus half our class was there and that was fun too.

I haven't laughed so much in church, while feeling moved, ever!

We then headed home to relax, have dinner and then headed out to a local lake for some reading/studying and fishing.

It was stupidly pretty.


Paul caught a fish!

He set it free.

The sunset was amazing.

It was a perfect night.
And the next day we both got 20 out of 20 - so our studying and quizzing together was worth it.


jenna said...

Perfect!!! Thank you for the pics of your house!!!

LeAnna et David said...

it looks like such a lovely area! What a great place (and way) to spend the summer :)


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