Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More outfit adventures

So I'm 30 and apparently I love to shop.
Now that I feel like I've finally learned how to dress my body, shopping has been exciting. 
And don't get me started on the whole anti-dressing your body movement I see going around on facebook. I'm not saying that our size should stop of us from wearing what we want, but I do know that I feel my best when my clothes are flattering on me. Now that doesn't mean that every person thinks they are flattering on me - but when I look in the mirror I need to like how the clothes fit me. And that's ok!

Anyways, Forever 21 has been rocking my world this week - I got like 6 shirts there. I also grabbed a Blazer and some shorts at H&M and stopped into Old Navy and got mucho stuff as well - a few dresses, some tops and a new pair of dark denim rockstar skinnies. 

Getting dressed has never been funner. 
 photo OutfitCollage_zpsa1b3bbc2.jpg

I was going to be one of those helpful, kind bloggers and tell you what I got and where I got it from but then I realized how long that would take!!!!

But I will tell you that the jeans in the first three photos are Rockstar from Old Navy, dark jean, dark jean and then black. 
The black and pink tank tops are both from the gap. 

I've gotten a bunch of blouses lately, which are great for life and work and which are all Paul approved, which is basically a miracle in itself. That and the fact that Paul has started to like me wearing bright pink - miracle! 

Speaking of Paul, Siri hates him. She is trying to break us up, I'm pretty sure of it. 
When I'm biking home I have my phone safely away and I listen to music on my headphones - and occasionally will make phone calls or send a text using siri, all hands free. Trying to call Paul is a headache...

Tara: Siri, call Paul Morgan
Siri: Which Morgan did you want me to call? I see 14 Morgan's in your contacts. 
Tara: Siri, phone Paul Morgan
Siri: Which Morgan did you want me to call? I see 14 Morgan's in your contacts. 

Upon closer inspection she doesn't mean people with the last name Morgan - she means people with the first name Morgan. UGH. 

So I keep trying until finally she either lets me call Paul OR I give up and ask her to text Paul Morgan to "call me". So frustrating. 

I even tried, "Siri, call my husband" and she told me she didn't know who my husband was. So I told her it was Paul Morgan, and she wanted to know which Morgan it was?

So later, when I wasn't on my bike I said, "Siri, please remember that Paul Morgan is my husband"

She created the following reminder FOR ME:

So, that didn't work either. 


Gwyn's Adventures said...

im literally rolling around my bed laughing as i read this post. i hope that your phone will help you rememver who your husband is!!!! please don't follow the wrong man home one day... AAHAHAHAHAH

John and Becca said...

my fav. outfit is the last one. The little light sweater thing is slimming and the jeans look comfy and cute!
Loved the embarrassing moment story from the other day,
by the way!


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