Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And now for something completely different

*written Saturday on the ferry*

I am livid. 
I wrote a beautiful long blog post.

And then my ipad seemed to have closed and now it's all gone. This is two ferry trips in a row where somehow I have lost long blog posts. I wish I thought to save throughout. UGH. it's just such a process on the blogger app. 

Anyways, I'll attempt to recapture some of what I was talking about. 

So, I'm different than other people. Sure there are ways I'm the same as everyone else but there are many ways I'm not. Often in groups I'll say "OK, I'm just going to go ahead and say what everyone else is thinking". Usually someone else pipes up, "Tara, no one was thinking that"

Oh. Really?!

On top of being different I'm also quirky. 

So here goes:

I feel bad for the clothing that I have to hang on wire hangers, everyone knows plastic is better. Guilt. 
I sort my underwear by favorite type, so I can wear my favorites first. I feel guilty when I wear the less favorite underwear, we both know it's out of pity or desperation. 
A good book and a bowl of chips is almost a religious experience for me. 
I LOVE eating at restaurants alone, as long as I have a book. 
Books are friends that I get to visit with. 
I HATE the classics. Worst English major ever.
I miss Trading Spaces
When I use a public washroom I lock the door, wipe the toilet seat and then go back to the door and check that it's locked (by unlocking it and relocking it) and then I wipe the seat again and sit down. 
I wear 3 pairs of socks in my boots
I play favorites in my wardrobe and I feel like I'm telling some of my children that I don't love them as much, but I can't help myself. 
I love going on road trips and adventures and feel such a thrill from them. 
I feel a thrill when I get to leave work or a meeting early - even when it's something I like doing. 
I don't listen to music by album, I listen to music by type. Happy. Sad. Melancholy. Dance music. etc.
I hate using a cone for ice-cream, even waffle. I would prefer a bowl.
I constantly touch my hair. I started doing this at 13. my English teacher Mrs. Stoutley would do this and I thought the way she combed her fingers in her hair and the way that the hair then fell and framed her face was beautiful. I am 30 now and I haven't stopped since. 
When I experience joy I have to tell people around me. When I'm having a nice time with a friend, something in me tells me that they need to know how much I like this/them.
Sometimes it's physically painful to stop talking. 
It's a labor of love to remember to shut up.
I also LOVE listening to others and getting to know them. I feel torn so much of the time. 
I  rock at Ticket To Ride
I am not great at Settlers. 
I love playing games and can't help but get involved/excited.
I HATE getting back massages. HATE. 
I like my feet.
I hate washing dishes but love cooking. 
I feel guilty using the dishwasher.
I feel rich and fancy using the dishwasher
I feel rich and fancy when I get to drive ONTO THE FERRY rather than walk.
I feel like a phony when I shop on Robson. Even when I go and buy something. 
I talk to God and myself in my head all day long.
I hate to run out of things - I try to keep my phone totally charged, I try to keep an extra book on me at all times, I make sure our food won't run out, I buy in bulk. 
I long to be on time, but it is a struggle for me. 
I don't like weddings as much if I have no role in them. The ADD in me finds it hard to just sit. 
Dancing with Paul hurts my hip. 
Dancing with Paul makes happy - I never danced with a guy at any school dances or activities - high school was my first dance, and even that was in a hallway. 
Because of our height difference I think Paul and I look silly together. 
I think Paul and I make a great team and I love him a lot. 
But I still think we look silly together. 
I prefer 7-11 toquitoes to many things. 
I love McDonalds Breakfast Sandwiches (Sausage and Egg McMuffin)
I would stop at every Timmies I saw for steeped tea if money and time weren't issues (3 milks, two sweeteners and a sleeve)
My Dad converted my whole family to splenda after he was diagnosed with diabetes and now I hate tea with sugar. I carry splenda on me at all times. 
I feel like a fancy rich person when I eat on the ferry. 
I clearly don't think I'm naturally a fancy rich person
I don't like Vancouver, particularly.
I love the people in Vancouver that I know, I love our families, I love our church...and I love our home. I have a good job and a great/amazing life here. It is beautiful and very convenient for bike riding and USA trips. 
I wish I could have all of the people I love/like move with me to the Island. Preferably Nanaimo. That would be were I would prefer to live.
I tend to pick a place to visit and will visit it often and then switch. For years I visited Victoria regularly or Nanaimo or Port....now I visit Washington regularly. I seem capable of only visiting one place a season.
I never grocery shop without a list. My list is on an excel spreadsheet. I know how much, roughly, that I'll spend and am usually right. 
I can't imagine not having ADD and living a life with a different mind - how does that feel?
When I sit at google and don't know what to type i always type "horses".
I don't even really like horses.
When I do adventurous things and then take photos of them I always end up looking terrible

You're welcome for those 

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Ana said...

Oh Gosh. I laughed so hard at the last comment and pictures. :D


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