Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday & an embarrassing moment

Monday:  YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Tonight Paul is babysitting, and I'm shopping then babysitting, so we're leaving our roomies on their own. 

Tuesday: Jumbalaya
Lifegroup, and it's raining. This meal seemed perfect.

Something easy and tasty before heading out to my Aunt's birthday party

Thursday is my hang out with Jenna, so dinner needs to be that can be cooked in the crockpot and this sounds tasty

We have a birthday party later this evening, but not until almost 9, so we wanted something hearty to eat that would feel like weekend food - enter bacon.

Paul's away but we will have a full house otherwise, so I wanted to cook something that would turn into a real dinner.

Sunday: YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Church and Paul's away - so everyone is on their own!

31 Days of Blogging Topic: 

Most Embarrassing Moment

I was 9 at summer camp - I was wearing my FIRST EVER two piece swimsuit. There was a boy that liked me (!) and we were going to head down to the lake together for swim time. We dropped off our towels and gear, I took off my shorts and t shirt, and we headed down to the water. 

I did not realize that I had removed my BATHING SUIT BOTTOMS along with my shorts. The person who did realize this was my friend Amy. She didn't notice for a bit and when she did, being 9, she shouted out loud across the beach at me "Tara, you're not wearing any bottoms!!!". EVERYONE turned to look. 

No idea what to do, I'm 9! I start to run, then I find I'm running in a circle  which isn't helping, so I jump into the water so I'm at least covered until Amy brings me my bathing suit bottoms. So embarrassing. 


Paraphrase said...

That was actually a really impressive embarrassing moment. I can't decide if it's possibly even worse than mine. Although, mine being recent (within the last couple years) adds some extra sting :P

The Porters' Lodge said...

I love that you ran in a circle.


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