Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 6)

--- 1 --- 
My last Quick Takes Friday was April 12th - over a month! How does that happen?

[The answer is, I didn't write one, that's how it happened]

--- 2 --- 
Lately we've had a house full. We have 3 full time students living with us, we've had a revolving door for our fourth student room and we've had guests on top of that! Strangely, Paul has been absent most weekends (field trips, hunting, etc) but even so, the house has felt full and bustley - and I have been loving it. 

--- 3 --- 
This weekend I'm headed to the Island to visit my dear friend Crystal. Crystal is getting married in October and I'm in her wedding party, so we're getting together this weekend to do wedding prep stuff. I love any excuse to visit Crystal and a chance to get to the island. 

On top of that I visited the Target here in Delta and liked it, but Nanaimo friends don't think their Target compares to America, so I'm on a quest to find out how different their Target is from the one here, if at all. 

--- 4 --- 
Speaking of Target, as I mentioned above I went last weekend and I loved it. Having recently been to an American Target (and having mad memorization skills) I knew what the layout of the store should look like, and what stock should be in and what prices should be to be comparable to the US. And I'll say, they did a dang good job. Very similar stock, very similar layout and great prices, despite the fact that we live in Canada (home of the pricey item). 

For example, I bought this purse for $24.99, same as the American price as you can see online!

(Also I have been looking for a casual black cross body purse for over a year now - score!).
(Also this purse is rocking my socks off. I LOVE it)

Other than the purse, most items were within $.50 to $2 dollars in difference from America for the same items - that's phenomenal for Canada. They had much of the same clothing, much of the same housewares. I was VERY impressed. 

And I felt like I was in America, so there's that. 

--- 5 --- 
This next Quick Take was copied over from April 12th. Normally I copy and paste for format and then go in and change each paragraph. But I was about to write something identical to it. Weird. So here you go...

"Last week I cleaned my room - put away all my clothes - finished organizing my bathroom. It has been one week of me PUTTING MY CLOTHES AWAY right away. This is a miracle. I'm praying it continues. What a lovely feeling it is. The next big project will be our bedroom. Because as I've mentioned before a pretty space helps motivate me to stay tidy. So if our room is beautiful, I'll try to keep it that way."

Sadly I can tell you that within a week of that being written last time I had reverted to being a huge mess and by the time I cleaned my room a week ago it was a disaster. When will it stick!!!?? So far 7 days and counting. 

--- 6 --- 
I got an iPad mini for my 30th birthday from my family. Paul's Mom and Dad and their spouses, Katie, my parents and my aunt all chipped in to get me this gift and I am so so so happy. I am loving it. I even got a little keyboard for it, so blogging has been a lot of fun with that. I do the final edit and post from a real computer but do much of the writting on my couch using my iPad and keyboard. I love catching up on tv while doing tedious tasks - like laundry and cooking, etc. My ADD appreciates it, that's for sure. I am so pleased with my gift. Thank you to my awesome family for getting me such an awesome gift. 

--- 7 --- 
I loved this season of The Office, and in particular LOVED the finale. That, my friends, is how a finale should be done. It gave us a glimpse into the future, it gave us hope for our "friends" and it wrapped up lose ends - all while maintaining the humor that we love in it. 

I loved the Erin moment at the Panel - so beautiful. I for sure actually cried. 
PB&J or JAM's moments were great - loved seeing her big gesture and how hard they worked on their marriage and how much they obviously still enjoyed each other. 
Loved seeing Angela loosen up a bit
I LOVED the moment where Andy goes out to find out why no one is at the panel and they start chanting Nard Dog and his little tune. Oh!

Well done, The Office. You've left me satisfied and smiling.
That's what she said
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Mrs. R said...

I am impressed with our Target, made me feel like I was in the States! I've already been there half a dozen times and that's with a newborn to boot!


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