Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Advice & Celebration

A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Tell people what you think about them - when it's kind. 

You know what makes people's day? Hearing about how awesome they are. 

Hear someone talking about someone's accomplishments or bragging about them? Next time you see them let them know you heard people talking about them behind their back, and then shower them with the praise you heard. It will be appreciated. 

Ie. "I heard so and so talking about you behind your back the other day, and they said that you were gorgeous and were the most loving person in the world"

See a stranger in a cute outfit? Stop them and tell them. 

Thank a cashier at Old Navy just made your trip there extra pleasant? Tell them, and better yet, flag a manager and tell them about the employee also. 
Enjoy your pastor's sermon or small group leaders message? Tell, email or text them later - not only that you liked it but why. 
Thankful for the grace your boss gave you today? Make sure they know you are thankful!
Did you notice that your husband helped around the house more? Heck, did you notice that your husband just didn't make more of a mess? Let him know that you appreciated it. 

When I talk with people I try to think, why do I like this person? If I had to explain why this person is my friend, what would I tell someone? Is there a moment that in my head makes me very thankful for this person, specifically? And then I tell them about it. 

This might feel weird at first - and most people won't know how to react to you. But you will be making a difference - it builds intimacy in friendships and helps grow confidence. 

...and as a side benefit people will like you more. Everyone likes an affirming person!

Also? Surround yourself with friends and celebrate everything.

[April 30th, Leah Lim's birthday celebration at Chambar]
{Leah, Lydia, Jenna and I pictured, many more were in attendance}
 photo LeahCollage_zps07a4e36a.jpg

[May 1st, overnight stay at Sutton Place Hotel for 3 year wedding anniversary]
{This stay was a miracle gift from God and we felt soooo loved by an abundant God.
Plus in the morning I could see my work office from the outside door or the hotel, fastest commute ever!}
 photo AnniversaryCollage_zps4ad3307e.jpg

[May 8th, My 30th's birthday]
{Flowers & treats from Jenna, DQ and song from Paul and housemates}
 photo BirthdayCollage_zps28577ec2.jpg

[May 9th, family time with Auntie Lesley and Jenna's household for our birthday's]
{Xin, Ay, Connor and Austin also joined us, we went to DQ}
 photo familyCollage_zps0f38d3e1.jpg
 photo ATCollage_zps5b426b64.jpg

[May 11th, Birthday girls Leah, Jenna and Tara for Mani/Pedi's & Brunch]
{All 3 of us have birthdays within 10 days - so we enjoyed a PHENOMENAL brunch at Crave and a wonderful spa experience at Main Nail Spa}
 photo SpaCollage_zps5a7f376e.jpg

[May 11th, evening - My 30th's birthday party]
{About 40 friends crowded into our house for food and a party. I felt so loved.}
 photo PartyCollage_zpsb3751b6d.jpg

Also at one point I looked up and found Gabe, in the center of the party, reading. 
As a reader myself, I approve of this.
 photo 2013-05-11223818_zps4273b659.jpg
And honestly, I really can't blame him. I also love to read, almost as much as I love to celebrate.
This week has reminded me though, that...
Celebrations make life seem so much more fun

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John and Becca said...

Love it Tara! Great reminder to encourage and build people up! I love you by the way and enjoy getting stay connected through your blog, you're a beautiful person!


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