Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bloggy favorites

Five of my favorite blogs and what I love about them

iHeart Organizing - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jen's organizing ideas. I use so so so many of them. While Jen's blog is filled with tips and tools and could easily make people feel discouraged for not having as nice a home/space/whatever, Jen writes in such a way that makes you feel like you are on a journey with her, and that you can have a great house. And that no matter where your house is at, if it's working for you then it is excellent. She does reader features and they are so helpful to me - helps me see how to make any space functional. Her blog is the inspiration behind my Command Center, Organized Drawers and Chalkboard Calendar

Living in Yellow - Erin is hilarious. Also she's adorable and dresses fabulously. And she makes me laugh. She has helped spur some of my bolder colored outfits onward, and introduced me to the bubble necklace, which I love. 

Young House Love - John and $herdog feel like friends, and watching them make their homes beautiful gives me so many ideas. They write with joy and fun and they also write great tutorials for building and decoration. I haven't done many of their projects yet, but I love the ideas I get from them and have plans to do some of their projects. Thus far, they inspired my decorative figurine

Paraphrases / The Porters Lodge - Written by Laura and LeAnna respectively. 
Laura is a friend - She's a wonderful photographer and a great writer. She has helped get me back on track for regular blogging by challenging me to two different blog challenges. If I'm taking too long to get a post out in a day, she'll pester me to get it done so she can read it. I love it. 
LeAnna is my cousin and the reason I got into blogging at 16. I love how she writes and I love getting a glimpse into her life, especially with her across the pond. And she is one of the only people who ever comments on my blog, which is nice of her!

Conversion Diary - Jennifer is an athiest-to-Christian/Catholic convert who writes with wit, faith and amazing authenticity. 

Honourable Mention: Cake Wrecks - Paul and I read this every day, it's a favorite together activity. Cake Wrecks is a blog that features terrible professionally done cakes. Mostly it makes us laugh. 

Other "must-mentions":
Siriously Delicious - great food blog! I never make almost anything she writes but I sure do love reading her recipes.
J's Everyday Fashion - fun fashion blog (and the other bubble necklace junkie). I have recreated a bunch of her stuff
I'm an organizing Junkie - Canadian organizational blog, love it! It has helped inspire much of my organizing and I followed along with her 52 week challenge two years ago and was able to accomplish a lot in that time!
La vie petite - Cori's blog is filled with great outfits and excellent photography. I often copy her outfits as well. 
Boo Mama - read by 10's of people every day - hilarious southern woman, awesome. Oh she makes me laugh.
My Life as a Mrs - best recipes. period. Baja Fish Taco's (my take) and her Chicken, Mushroom Piccata were both amazing.

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