Thursday, May 9, 2013

And that's uncomfortable...

*I'm not doing the days in any appropriate order but as the topics interest me, I'm answering them*

Things that make you uncomfortable
  • Itchy Sweaters
  • Baggy Pants
  • Awkward Silences
  • Intense Conversation close conversations - where to look??
  • Negotiating while entering a new work position
  • Making people give me dimensions for free things they're giving away on Craigslist

And lastly...trying to be trendy makes me uncomfortable. But I'm choosing to have fun with it. Enter, pinterest. 
First up was a dress outfit that I saw on "la vie petite"

I loved the idea of this. So one day I decided to pair my stripes dress with Chambray and I loved it!

Next up...white, grey and stripes.
I was feeling very tired one morning and took to Pinterest for inspiration. 

And then lastly, I've loved this pin for months but could never find a similar sweater.

I went to the Gap for the first time in years (I've only been one other time, when I was 16 and I bought an orange coat) and fell in love with a sweater I found in the clearance section. 

Also something that makes me uncomfortable? Dresses that need a strapless bra. Both of these dresses did, and yet I ended up loving both of them and am thankful I tried anyways, despite my fear. 

And finally - conquering things that make me uncomfortable - winning!

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Paraphrase said...

I can so relate to so many of these! for the stress with the spaghetti straps, you can often cheat with a strapless bra that comes with clear straps. They hide under the spaghetti strap "enough" that it works I find.


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