Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cabin Weekend

A couple weekends ago we went away with a few of our friends for my 30th birthday - we couldn't invite everyone I love, so I picked a few couples to come with (hardest decision ever - only 10 people could be there overnight and only two more couples could come up for the day) and we headed off to a cabin. It would have been wonderful no matter what the weather but the Lord is good and it was gloriously sunny. 

[The boat ride from Harrison Hot Springs at Killer's Cove Marina, to the cabin on Harrison Lake]
 photo GettingthereCollage_zps26e57f37.jpg

[The Roth's cabin - designed and built by Mr. Roth]
 photo Cabin2Collage_zps508e7d79.jpg
We got there just before sunset and the girls were still driving on the log roads - the guys went to fill up the wood fire fueled hot tub and I unpacked the coolers and food and then sat on the porch for a few minutes with a beer and a book. It was heaven.

[Cabin views]
 photo CabinCollage_zpsdc9fc76e.jpg

I was in charge of the food. I love planning meals, especially for groups. And especially when it's not a retreat, and I know that I can go a bit fancy/fun. So, we ate very well all weekend - Breakfast Burritos in the morning, Smokies, cheeses and vggies for lunch and bacon wrapped steak, baked potatoes and veggie skewers for dinner. Awesome. Plus lots of snacks!

[Pictured, dinner and breakfast]
 photo FoodCollage_zpsbfe4bc94.jpg

Friday night we hung around the fire, waiting for the Hot Tub to heat up. Some people decided to hit the hay by minight but a few of us stayed up until after midnight when the tub was finally ready, and man, a hot tub in the dark with no lights around and a sky full of stars is awesome. 

People slept in as wanted/needed and then we gathered to eat breakfast and after that was done the guys went to go help work around the cabin and the girls hit the hot tub which was still very warm from the night before!

By 11am a few more friends came up and we all enjoyed resting, relaxing and hanging out...and of course a nice big lunch. Some of us played settlers, some of us (Paul and John) made a sauna, and some sunbathed.

[Settlers, Sauna & Suntanning]
 photo AfternoonactivitiesCollage_zps72cbd3c4.jpg
[I let Paul take these pictures - so he goofed around for a while]
 photo SettlersCollage_zps683b7e2b.jpg

This is the sauna that Paul and John built. Then they sat in it until they were so hot that they couldn't take it anymore and then they emerged, running into the glacier fed lake. It looks like Paul is emerging from a steamy cacoon.

[Sauna time!]
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsfb045d2c.jpg

Saturday evening we all ate dinner, Paul made a toast to me and gave people an opportunity to fill up my affirmation love tank. I felt so very loved by the kind things people were saying. I am blessed to call these people my friends and can't believe that God would give me such abundant relationships. Even the husbands of my friends had nice things to say!

 photo FriendsCollage_zps09b97d6b.jpg
[The girls]
 photo GirlsCollage_zpsc1ca626e.jpg
[The whole gang]
 photo 2013-05-04195105_zps041506f6.jpg
 photo 2013-05-04195125_zpsc156c10c.jpg

Sunday morning we were up, cleaning and organizing, polishing off leftovers and heading back by 10am. There was life and church to get back for. But we all left more relaxed than when we arrived, and a lot more sun touched! There were definitely a few sunburns among us.

[Saying Good Bye]
 photo GoodbyeCollage_zpsdb9dac5f.jpg
[An awesome boat ride back]
 photo BoatRideCollage_zps2d284336.jpg
And that was that. 
If I ever question God's love for me I can think back to this weekend. What I really wanted for my 30th was a weekend away with friends, undivided time, great food and lots of love. God not only provided an amazing cabin to stay at, but also available friends, lots of laughter, a hot tub(!) and kind, heart affirming words. I am so thankful. 

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