Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture Post - Superbowl, Biking and Life

Views from the bike ride home:

My bike

Sweaty from the bike
Fridays Outfit
 The rest of the week I wore outfits I've posted many many times. 
So I wasn't going to bore you again.

 I made cards - for a baby shower and a birthday

Saturday we went out for dinner at Paul's Grandparents. 
After a while Paul got pesky. This is what he built

Sunday we had a Superbowl party. Awesome times. Two of my favorite friends came with their hubby's so we hung out in the Kitchen and chatted...and later played board games. 

Super Bowl Menu:
Beer Dip (Recipe by Balancing Bedlam)
Honey Garlic Wings
Cocktail Wieners
Cheesy Nacho Dip
Crab Dip
Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Cheese Nips
Desserts! Cookies, Chocolates and more of both

The photo Paul took to make busy friends jealous

The desserts!

Me relaxing in the girls area outside the Kitchen with a beer, a football ring and a football shirt.

Playing TTR with the girls

My sweet football ring

The afternath

Other than my pile of laundry the room is clean - you can't even tell we had a party - thanks Paul!

Paul and Karl doing dishes - thanks guys!
Great weekend, great party - love the food, friends and fun...minus the football.

1 comment:

John and Becca said...

I want to play ticket to ride with you guys again!!!!
It looks like you guys have the best parties and the best food!


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