Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bed jumps and girl times

In our marriage, I am a lighter sleeper and Paul sleeps so deep he may miss the Rapture. I don’t tend to talk or walk or do things in my sleep. Paul does…often and hilariously.

Since we have been married I have been pushed off our bed (he thought I was turning into an Alien), pulled by the arm across our bed (he thought I was being sucked into a Vortex) and woken up because Paul was doing full on pushups in bed, really really fast. And these are just the notable times.

Well I guess it was my turn last night to do something weird. I wish I could be more specific on how this weirdness came about but I have no idea. Paul and I have tried to figure out what happened but all I know is how it ended up.

Paul sleeps in the middle of our bed, I sleep on the right side (He’s in the middle to be close to me, cute right?). I rarely move from that spot except to rotate (front, right side, back, left side, etc). What I know is that last night I went to sleep on the right side, and woke up as I crashed onto the floor on the left side with all of our covers. Paul was asleep still until I started shouting and all I knew was that I had crash landed across the room from where I had fallen asleep with all the covers around me like a trap.

Paul awoke to my shouts, turned on the light, freed me from the blankets and helped me up. Once he was sure I was ok, he fell over laughing for about 10 minutes. I have to admit I found it pretty funny as well. Neither of us know how I got there or why…all I know is I did and now my calf hurts (weird).

I just got to complete a fun task at work – well fun for me. My goal was to slowly organize the copy room over my 8 months here. I’ve tackled the closet, I’ve tackled the binding supplies, I’ve tackled the binders and I’ve tackled the counter tops. The only piece left was the stationary drawer, that seemed void of any organization. It’s not true, but it felt that way.

It is now organized by type of stationary (Post it’s, staples, etc) and then by size. Awesome. I am a happy camper.

Last night I watched a movie and had a girls night with three of my best girlfriends. Let me tell you, I LOVE these ladies. God has heard the cry of my 16 year old heart and given me amazing best friends. I brought a girls night package, complete with every female food group; chocolate, candy, wine and chips. We did not have ice cream purely because it would have melted and Paul would have been sad for me to take ice cream from our home. We watched the movie “Grown Ups” which is actually very funny, though pretty stupid. I really liked it. We laughed a lot. Pretty ridiculous.

Tonight we have Life Group. We are combining our old and our new life groups and I am so excited. I am serving Lasagna and it will be an awesome night. I am praying for community to be built (it already exists there, but for it to be strengthened), for relationships to be deepened and for God to be an active part of each night; that we would always expect that God would be at Life Group each week.

FYI...I am trying to write a little less of a list of life doings, and spend a bit more time on stories or thoughts. We'll see how this goes. I don't want to lose my daily journal portion because I love to look back years later and see what I was doing then, but I also would love people to read this so it must be appealing for more than just me :)

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LeAnna et David said...

I like the life bits--it's fun to know what's going on :)


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