Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back updates!

So I'm waiting. I can't make the health care system move any quicker, I can't make the pain leave, I can't go back to work until I can sit/stand for 8 hours (and travel to and from work) and I can't make an appointments until I have a scan. 

Currently waiting for the CT people to call to make me an appointment, so that I can call the specialist and make an appointment. He won't see me without a CT scan, but the CT people are backed up and that could take weeks. I could have had one in the ER the first night we were there but they didn't want to do it in case my doctor wanted an MRI instead, and now this makes my waiting even longer. So we're trying to go to the ER now, we'll be leaving in about an hour, to see if they can do one - I am still in a lot of pain, the meds barely help. It's so frustrating. 

I am concerned about finances and in pain, but I know that God provides. i know he does. I've seen it over and over again. 

My Auntie Sandy sent me a text (she said it was from God), Jude 1:2 (MSG) "Relax, everything's going to be all right; rest, everything's coming together; Open your hearts, love is on the way!"

So I'm taking that seriously. I am Relaxing, Resting, and having an open heart. I am choosing to take the time and enjoy it. I am getting my fill of peace. I am open to the things that God would bring or do in this time. 

And I am loving it. 

Monday my dear friend Stefany came over to make me lunch (grilled cheese and salad) and spend the afternoon with me - how I love to spend hours with a friend, and normally I don't get the chance. What a treat. Plus I've learned that my dear french friend, makes a lovely french maid. 

Me, flat on my back, ready for lunch!

After that, my friend Sarah came by to visit. How wonderful to be able to lay flat on my back and still be in relationship!

After Sarah left I began to get very very sleepy, so I spent the evening with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on in the background while I lightly dozed on the couch, with Paul across the room from me playing video games. Lovely. 

Paul snapped this as proof that I'm laying down, haha

Tuesday one of the girls from church, Kayla, came over. We had a lovely time of conversation. I love real, honest conversations with a new friend. I am so glad to get to know her - I love, love, love new friends. After that my friend maid, Stefany, came back. She came around noon and stayed until after life group! She made me tuna melts and salad (seriously, she's awesome). We had a lovely afternoon of conversation. We laughed and got to bond and it was so lovely. 

Paul popped a frozen Lasagna into the oven, Stef whipped together a salad, Gabe brought over garlic bread, John brought over dessert, and the rest of our life group came to join us. All 9 of us fit easily around the big table, and it felt like family. After dinner we moved into our living room (with a new-to-us couch) for bible study, conversation and worship. The new couch made the room seem so much cozier and everyone had a place to sit. It was perfect. The conversation was great, and worship was excellent (Gabe led). I had to move onto the floor to lay down for most of it, but that was to be expected, and everyone was so kind about it. 

To me it seems less aesthetically pleasing, and much more crowded, but the feeling of home it creates when you are in the space is amazing. 

Lynds stayed around after for conversation. I love talking to that girl! and again, I love that I can have great conversation with her while I lay on the couch. I am so thankful for friends. 

Anyways, today I have moved onto my couch again to catch up on PVR'd TV. I am waiting for Paul to come home so he can take me to the ER in the hopes I can get more pills (I'm running low) and a CT scan. I want to get up and eat something but I am rather apprehensive of was fairly painful this morning. So I think I will wait for Paul's return. Hopefully he makes me something awesome. We'll see. 

My sweet view from the couch

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LeAnna et David said...

Remember how a month or two ago you thought you needed to slow down but didn't want to? I'm sad that this is the way you're being forced to slow down, but the one thing that DOES please me is that you spend so much of your time giving to others and now that you are, literally, flat on your back they are all coming back to help you. That is such a blessing, and you are so loved!

And, God will provide all your needs. He rarely operates in the ways we expect. Thank Him that Paul is working right now, and not in school. Is there any way you can do any of your office work from home?

I'm praying for you.


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