Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walk for Memories & Sick Day

At the walk for memories - my parents making their big speech
 My Dad's in blue and my Mom is in black on his left
Paul looking shifty while trying to get out of a photo 
 Team Mitchell - awesome!
 Running to my bathroom - i tried to take a pick of me with all the walkers in the background...mostly you see the cars and gross and barely some people. #fail
 Some of the views around Stanley Park Seawall
 Monday outfit! I think my hips look good in those pose
 But I think I look better in this pose - so here I am

I am home sick at the moment. 
Paul is playing video games next to me at the moment. 
I am on my laptop and watching TV. 
I noticed that his nose kept bleeding, obviously he had scratched under his nose and now i was bleeding strangely. So we shoved some of my tissues (that sit next to me now constantly while I'm sick) into his nose....this is how awesome he looks:


Also this is my view: Paul's video games, my PVR'd TV (New Girl, FTW) and laptop

I may be sick but I am happy. 

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