Friday, February 17, 2012

To catch up

When I last wrote it was Valentines Day and I was still at work. I mentioned that we were going to be having our life group over for a Valentines Day dinner.

And boy was it fun.

Not only did people enjoy the food, but Jodi made us a beautiful plated valentines day dessert. Lovely.

The process 

While Jodi and Stef were plating the desserts, the rest of the group quickly figured out that since I’d used a disposable white table cloth they could draw. And draw they did. Armed with Sharpies (and great imagination) they really went to town. The first thing someone warned was that we shouldn’t draw any boobs (obviously). This was said jokingly. Within 5 minutes we realized the first part of drawings that Gabe and Jonathan were working on definitely looked like boobs….John’s turned in to eyes in a cartoon face and Gabe was working on a motorcycle – the irony of the outcome was very amusing to us. We also turned out hand to some sensosketches – drawing with our eyes closed – to varying degrees of success.

We had a lovely evening – lots of laughter. We had a good discussion about some of the topics we talked about at church on Sunday (which I’ve already blogged about). I found that sermon so helpful and I’m glad we got the time to talk it over.

Before our Life group came over, though, Paul’s sister Katie and her boyfriend Joel came by to open the Valentines Day gift Paul and Katie’s mom had sent us all. She had Taco-Deli shirts from Austin for most of us, and bootie shorts for Katie. She sent us sparkly red table centerpieces and lots of Candy. She is so sweet! She even included things for our homestay student Karen, which made Karen’s day! She got a valentines from us and from Nancy!

 Wednesday after work I finally had a night off and I knew I had to tackle some of the house  - it had been spiraling out of control and needed to be tamed! I sorted, prepped and stored all my fresh produce into Tupperware Fridge Smart containers, which extend their shelf life greatly. I rarely have produce go bad before I’m done with it. So awesome.

Mostly, I needed to deal with our shelving/storage area for dishes and Tupperware. As Karen and Paul put clean dishes away, they tend to put them in strange places and the organization systems slowly slide away. It was time for me to regain control. And I got to have a phone date with the lovely Lynds K, so that was also excellent.

I wish I’d thought to take a “before photo” but these after photos will have to do the trick.

My freezer and sandwich containers

Smaller containers with lids

As soon as I was finished with all this a bunch of our life group (you could also call them friends, haha) showed up to hang out spontaneously. Jonathan, John, Stef and Jodi had come by earlier to pick Paul up and head out to prank our friend Gabe who was on a first date near by. They covered his car in pink decorative balls and a big heart. The new couple found it amusing and the group had way too much fun doing it. They showed up at our place after, where we ate snacks and talked for an hour or so. I love spontaneity!

Last night I enjoyed a phone date with Kari (our pre marital counselor and my dear dear friend who lives 13 hours away outside of Edmonton) and then an evening with my sister. I’m so thankful for her!

And now, after an early work day, I am on the ferry headed to Victoria on Vancouver Island. I’m going to be spending the weekend with my Nana, who is simply wonderful. I can not wait! The last time I managed to sneak away and have a weekend with her was 2 weeks before I got married – which is almost 2 years ago. I used to come do this at least twice a year, so we both really miss it.

Each time I visit it looks the same: we sit in her den in two loungers, side by side. We have cider and we talk for hours. It is a most lovely way to pass time. My nana is one of my best friends. She makes me laugh. She cares. She has always been a gift to me – God knew I’d need her!

So now I will sit and type….I’m still trying to collect all my thoughts on prayer, and prophesy and Janelle’s visit. And also I have some flyers to make for our upcoming women’s retreat.

Love me some good stormy weather, from a safe warm spot!
Have a great weekend!

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LeAnna et David said...

have fun in Victoria--I'm jealous :)


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