Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back update again

Well here I am again, updating from my couch. But this time, I'm in the upright position! Somehow I am feeling MUCH better today. It was still hard to get up this morning, the pain is still there but by the afternoon the pain was much better. And I spent from 1pm until about 20 minutes ago either standing up or sitting, with barely any pain. So I'm feeling very encouraged!

Yesterday my lovely husband took me to the ER to try and rush a CT through. The pain of sitting in the car and the wheelchair were not lovely but I knew it would help. I made it to the ER at 2pm, was in a treatment area by 3pm (and then napping until CT time), heading to the CT area by 4:30 and leaving the hospital by 5:30pm, CT completed. Success! 

Aside from the moment where we went to the car and Paul got the block wrong, so we thought our car was towed but really it was just a block away, everything was perfect. We headed home to rest my hip after that, it was quite tiring. My sweetest love treated me to a Blizzard (which I'd been craving for days) and when we got home he made us potstickers. Awesome. Also we were in bed by 9pm since Paul was super tired; he said worrying about me is exhausting. Aw. I got to lay in bed with my sweet love asleep next to me while I read a book. Lovely.

I woke up at 9am this morning to call the surgeon, got my appointment for 1pm. Woo. The doctor at ER said to not even try for a week, so ha! Then Stefany came over, we chatted and caught up, as if we haven't spent almost every day together this week. She made me lunch (Turkey Sandwiches and Pretzel Chips, mmm) and then drove me to the doctors appt. 

When we got to the surgeon's he told me that he thought it was 50/50 for an outcome; either my back has a disc protruding and might need surgery or it is merely scar tissue digging into my back. He'd like me to wait a couple weeks and see if this might resolve itself, otherwise they'll immediately perform surgery. I feel encouraged that they think it might resolve itself and wouldn't want to perform surgery unless necessary, but I am also happy that if they need to they'll perform surgery and bump me in it's needed. So it feels like a win either way. Plus my doctor was so kind and caring. Love it. 

Stef and I drove home, I bought us a much needed Timmies and then after dropping Stefany at home I got to stop by and visit with my friend Irene. It was excellent. I love Irene. Chatting with her is always a breath of fresh air. 

Then I came home and put dinner together (Oh how I missed cooking). I made Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Penne Pasta. I used fresh spinach sauteed for a moment, and added asparagus and a small amount of Johnny's Garlic Seasoning since I found the recipe slightly bland. But I'm a garlic junky, so that is easily explained. I also decided to make one of our favorite bread recipe's; pita crisps. Simply take a piece of pita, and put a bit of margarine mixed with garlic on it. Then top with parmesan and bake for 5 minutes. Perfect.

Cooking away!

So tasty!

So to recap: I feel great, still need pills but less so. The pain can still be felt, but I am feeling much stronger in my legs. Also, I have a plan in place with my specialist and feel confident in either outcome. And I should be able to go back to work on Monday, at least for a partial day; which our finances will thank us for.

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