Sunday, February 12, 2012


I read recently in a blog post, probably by Living in Yellow (since her stuff rocks) but it could have also been Aunie Sauce (who also rocks), that you should always include photos with your posts. I don't have any related photos to include...but here:
My nephew, Austin, who is super cute

Paul and I - Rambo and Miss Universe

Friends! Lynds, Candace & I

Alright, now I can move on to the rest of life. 

This weekend has been hectic. Adding two small little human beings to the mix makes it crazyness. Fun but crazy. BUT we got to cuddle with them and that was awesome. Austie is a ball of sweetness since he's still a baby and Connor is cute and kind. He told me he loved me and thanked me for letting him sleep in our big bed. All sorts of sweetness and happiness. 

Since it's tough to know what to add I'll leave you with this:

Books I'm currently reading: The Shack (Young), Redeeming Love (Rivers), Tara Road (Binchy), His Majesty's Dragon (Novik) & the bible (God). I love me some books!

TV shows I'm currently (in this moment, right now) watching: Grey's Anatomy

Drinks I'm currently enjoying: Sangria

Clothes I'm currently wearing: Comfy lulu lemon still pants, grey undershirt, blue/grey speckled t shirt with grey hoodie. 

Things I'm currently feeling: love to my husband and sleepiness

I will...
               go to bed in the next few minutes
               sleep happily
               enjoy waking up tomorrow with my nephews
               feed my men in the morning - eggs and fruit cereal
               kiss my husband before bed
               love hoodies forever
               have a wonderful time at church tomorrow after 2 weeks away
               not eat anything more tonight, but tomorow, oh I will eat food and I will love it. 

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