Friday, January 6, 2012

Rebellion and Travels

Last night I decided to shake things up and completely ignore my meal plan *gasp*. The success was so huge, we will be eating the leftvers tonight...which means that we will be ignoring tonights meal plan also *double gasp*. I know, I know...crazy rebellious right here.

I decided to whip up some Beer Bread and Garlicky Vegetable Soup and boy was it awesome. I used THIS Beer Bread recipe found at My Favorite Finds and my own personal soup recipe that I sort of made up in my head and will post some day...though I'm sure you could find the recipe online already since there are only so many ways to make soup. Anyways the meal was a huge success, and while there is definitely none of the bread left, I made tons of soup so we will be having that with leftover Garlic & Cheddar Biscuits I have in the freezer that my aunt made me. Awesome.

You may have noticed that I have been terrible at posting photos of my outfits like I talked about doing back in mid December. That is because I have little to no blog folow through. Shame.
BUT here are two outfits from this week. One I wore because it was comfy, even though it's a bit frumpy and the other I wore because it was easy and cute.

Also I strayed from the meal plan on Wedesday night as well! Again so rebellious. Instead of Pork stir fry I marinated the Pork in some Yoshida sauce and served it candied, baked some frozen Tempura Shrimp, cooked/baked Perogies and made some cheesy Zucchini Slices. All in all it was a perfect meal and we were all so full we could barely move. Happy!

This Saturday Paul and I are taking a day trip to Yakima, WA for a wedding reception for Paul's college roommate. I've never met him or his wife (they were married last month in Georgia) so it will be nice to peice together more of Paul's past! This trip will involve Costco, WinCo, Walmart and Target shopping, the wedding reception and 10 hours of driving. Phew! It will be a long day...but so worth it when I sleep in on Sunday.

Alright, I am done work for the day, so I am off to bike home!

Oh and side note: Plans have changed AGAIN and we will not be having soup tonight, but happily dining out at the a surprise date night! Paul called me while I was bike riding home to ask me out to dinner. I got home before him, had a shower, put on a fancy new dress ($40 at Dress Barn bought in November because it was pretty) and am currently waiting for him to b done showering so we can head out. He arrived home with flowers and nice words. I am a lucky lady. and "I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright. And i pity any girl who isn't me tonight, lalalalalalalalala."Is that enough la's? And I don't truly pity any girl who isn't me tonight, though I'll have you know being me rocks. Oh and I'd post a photo of me now, since I feel like I look pretty great, BUT as my dress is fairly booby it is only suitable for Paul...and I guess the wait staff at the Keg. Hmm....oh well.

Alright, enough Sangria rumbling, I'm off on my date!

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LeAnna et David said...

Don't pity me--I was dining out in London and then taking in an opera. No flowers tho... could use some flowers, now that I think about it :)


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