Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home made German Sptazle

Monday night when we spontaneously went to my Aunt’s house for dinner, they served store bought packaged Spatzle. Spatzle is a german carb that is AMAZING. Unfortunately it also needs to be either homemade or bought in a restaurant as most stores sell a version that doesn’t taste or feel anything like real Spatzle. So the next night, I decided to try my hand at some home made Spatzle. Now I”ve made it in the past, but it has been since summer 2008 and I couldn’t remember what recipe I’d used in the past. I found this recipe online and decided to give it a try.

The dough was very sticky and would not go through my cheese grater no matter how hard I tried. I should have simply added water to the recipe to thin it out and re try. But instead I simply pulled pieces out of the dough and dropped them in the water, and near the end of doing this realized I could also cut off small pieces, which was much faster.

Regardless of method, the noodle turned out great! They cook fairly quickly and they tasted wonderfully.

I made a home made cream sauce by cooking up some pieces of bacon, sautéing some onions & mushrooms in margarine with garlic and onion salt and some minced garlic, threw in some pieces of cooked sausage for flavor. Once these were all added together and the onions were soft, I added some skim milk, slowly to make a cream sauce. I added a small portion of flour to thicken up the sauce since skim milk is very thin. It was tasty and not too terrible for me!

Here is some proof of my adventures. I will note that by the end both Karen and I were entirely covered in flour, but oh we were happy

All ready to eat!

Creamy Sauce!

Mmmm Spatzle tossed in Becel

Partway through the meal I remembered to take a photo

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LeAnna et David said...

I've made it once and had the same problem with the dough being too sticky. This is also my problem when I make perogies. I might have to give the spaetzle another shot now.


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