Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outfits at work & a picture post

Paul and his great Aunt Jenny
 Me in my new shirt - fashion show!
Monday Outfit
 Tuesday outfit
 Tuesday outfit, without the cardigan. 
Also...just noticed how not clear these photos are.
 Ruffles and pearls! and I guess boobs
 Braids...and biking clothes hanging behind me at my desk
 Wednesday outfit
 I forgot to do my hair and it looks cute!
Thank you awesome hair dresser.

 Me at work on Friday
Coffee and treats on Sunday with friends
(Thanks Janelle Stevens for the kick ass pep talk for God)

and again....
I am happy at home on the couch...laptop and beer in hand, husband in shower, about to head out to visit wonderful friends. Life is very good. 

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