Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend update, haha

Jewellery stand - all filled up!

Tonight I made dinner for Paul's dad and Stepmom (Carol). It was Carol's birthday last Sunday but she was at home sick - so this week we had her over for dinner. Carol is an amazing cook so I figured I had to pull out all the stops. Also Paul had caught some Salmon this summer with his Dad so it seemed fitting to serve one of them that we'd frozen. 

The menu: 
Zesty Herb Salmon
Garlic Sauteed Green Beans
Herb & Garlic Rice
Zucchinni Boats (

I'll admit I didn't follow this recipe flavour for flavour. 
I removed the curry and added garlic and onion salts, didn't remember to add the tomatoes and added spinach sautéed with the onions.


Friday night was awesome. Our church had a worship celebration night to end the fast. It was amazing. So exciting. Afterwards we all headed out to Earl's (pictures posted yesterday) and then to my cousin Jonathan's to watch Enemy of the State...Paul and I left halfway through because we were sleepy and I was finding it too stressful. 

Saturday we woke up at 9ish and laid in bed cuddling until 11am, which rocked. We are super enjoying this pre-kids stage, knowing that this will pass once we have kids. Afterwards I headed to Costco to grocery shop and then unpacked groceries at home. Our friends the Saffold's came over for the afternoon/evening. It was lovely. I love the chance to catch up with Shannon and Paul works with Josh and enjoys him greatly. It was perfect. We had lovely conversation and lovely dinner (also posted last night). 

Today was  a great day for finishing getting tidy, and watching Paul sadly watch his Green Bay Packers lose their important game. He was quite sad. 

Tonight at church I hostd the service, again so nervous! But also prepped coffee and got to catch up with friends, and have some time to worship God. Very good times. 

Then the aformentioned family dinner....and now it's off to bed after SNL and some Pan Am. 

Night, y'all

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