Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cycling in the snow

It has been snowy here all weekend and a bit of last week. Last week we were praying and fasting. So between the cold and lack of food I decided to skip my daily bike commute and transit. This week though I needed to get back on track – especially after the missed week over the holidays! Thankfully when I weighed after the holidays I was at the same weight I was before the holidays – considering all I ate, and how little I exercised (read, not at all) this was a huge win. I weighed myself this morning after one week of riding and one week without, and I was down another 3 pounds. So this was a good morning.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment after work so I was unable to ride my bike in the morning (as I’d have no time to ride it back before my apt). I was glad though because it is quite snowy here – on the ground and for part of the day falling from the sky. I talked with the big boss here (who is an active cyclist) and he told me about his commute in that day, how to be safe in the snow and that I should keep trying despite the weather. So this morning at 7am, I bundled up and got ready to hit the snowy streets. And when I say bundled, I mean BUNDLED. 2 pairs of short white excersize socks, 1 pair of knee high black socks. 2 pairs of leggings (one under the knee high socks, one over). A sports bra, t shirt, long sleeved t shirt, sweater and running jacket. Fleece neckwarmer, Headband worn over ears, ball cap and helmet. 2 pairs of gloves. Somehow I managed to feel slim today, even in all that - weird.

As you can see, I was not pumped.
This is the view as I left my warm house and headed to the garage to get my bike. Foreboding, I’d say.
 Thankfully many of the bike routes were salted and clear, and those that were not were packed and smooth (not slippery). It was an uneventful, safe ride…and the joy of being out in the cold, near snow….defeating the elements…well it felt quite victorious.

Monday was busy at work - I didn't even have time to post my pre made menu plan! I did manage a second to take a picture of my outfit...which was really not that exiting.

After I got home from the doctor’s (yearly check ups – always so fun…especially when ended with my birth control shot – yikes) my Uncle (and Pastor) Greg, came over to have a quick lesson on Pages. He had asked me 8 questions a week ago, and in my last appointment with an Apple Employee she had amazingly answered all my questions. It was nice to help him with some information, given that over the years he has counseled and lead me (as an employee, family member and church member respectively) so well and graciously. Then he invited Paul and I over to dinner with his family…which we always happily accept. After dinner Paul and I got to sit with Uncle Greg and Auntie Debbie and talk about our future – and what our next steps are on our path towards wanting to be in ministry together and pastor a church. It was encouraging and helpful – Uncle Greg is always so gracious with praise and encouragement, he really is an amazing Pastor and Uncle!

Afterwards Paul and I scooted home to have half and hour together on the couch before I headed off to spend a lovely evening with my friend Sarah. I got home around 10, whipped up a batch of my veggie and meatball Pasta (recipe posted earlier today)

Today is another normal day of work - done at 4 as normal. I've managed to capture my outfit today as well! I'm on a roll.

Tonight I have Discipleship Group (or Women’s Bible Study) from 6 to 7:20 / Lifegroup from 7:30 to 9 / Meeting with Uncle Greg from 9 until 10. Phew! May the ride home be very peaceful because man, it’s going to be a busy night! Despite the busy-ness though, it will be a wonderful night. D group is with two of my dearest friends – and we get a chance to talk about God in each other’s lives, pray together and challenge each other. Lifegroup is combined with our old group and we will be meeting as a post lifegroup time – it will be wonderful to be together to celebrate what God has done.

Tomorrow though, we’ll have a tasty and easy dinner and then we’ll relax until 9:30 when I get to have a phone date with a dear friend in Edmonton. So that’ll make up for the rush of Tuesday.


Stefany said...

Cute outfits! Looking good

LeAnna et David said...

I think when I lived in Edmonton I saw people with snow tires for their bikes.

Amanda said...

Good for you for cycling in dodgy weather. Love your blog. You're adorable. Miss you. xoxo


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