Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - on Tuesday yet again

Monday: Spontaneous family dinner

Tuesday: Spatzle with creamy meat sauce (No recipe to link to as the sauce was taught to me by a friend and is totally random – maybe I’ll post it on the next must-try-Monday!)
Wednesday: Pork Stirfry with noodles
Thursday: Salmon with Rice & Roasted Veggies
Friday: Date Night out with Paul
Saturday: Overnight to Washington
Sunday: Steak with Crab, Baked Potatoes and Roasted Veg.

This week I did my meal planning slightly differently. With going away for 3 months this coming summer, I realized I’d need to empty my deep freeze. Most of the things in our pantry will last over the summer but realistically the stuff in the freezer should be emptied…plus we could leave it open to defrost finally…so much ice to get rid of. I realized I should do an inventory of what meat I currently had in the freezer that needed to be eaten. Even without the time away coming up, this still seemed like a good idea. I know there are some random meat pieces in there that need to be dealt with. I went through the meat section of the freezer and wrote out what sort of meat I had and how many dinners I had of each type. There was a steak section, a ground beef section, chicken breasts, etc…even two whole salmon’s that Paul caught last summer and we hadn’t gotten to eating yet. Armed with a list of meat to be eaten I have made a meal plan for the next three weeks..of course I’ve only posted this coming week’s above.

This weekend we’re going shopping in the states (we’ll be there for a wedding) and I’ll be doing a last stock up (most likely the very last) before the summer since we’ll need to finish off much of what’s in our house coming up to leaving…though as I mentioned early, much of the pantry stuff can stay. At the same time I’m trying to balance making sure I don’t run out of things that are much cheaper in the USA…it’s tricky.

This weekend ended perfectly. Monday we slept in until 10:30, and then my Auntie Sandy came over for coffee and conversation. We chatted from 11 until 2, and only stopped because she had to get going. She invited us to come over later that evening for dinner, so between 2 and 5 I laid on my couch, drank a glass of Sangria and read “The Help”. I could not have been happier.

Dinner was at my Auntie Debbie’s house, complete with my parents, Auntie Sandy and family, and of course, Paul. Not only was dinner great, I got to help my auntie Debbie cook and chat with her while cooking. After dinner all us young-uns, plus Lyndsay, went downstairs to play “The Office” DVD board game. It was fun – a little slow moving with the many video clips but still fun. I won, so that was good

Now it’s back at work – I woke up at 6am with Paul and made his breakfast and lunch for Paul, Karen and I. I think I will do that more often…it means I can love him with food, and it gets me up early enough to have a cup of tea and read my bible. Now if only I could choose some sit ups and squats in there, life would be perfect. Now that I’m back, it hardly feels as if I’ve had a week off. So surreal.

Tonight we have lifegroup at our house, and I’m making homemade Spatzle, woo!

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