Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paul's UBC Graduation

Sitting very proudly, watching my husband graduate from UBC. Finally done, way to go love!

There is something about symphony music, tradition & strange outfits that actually bring much emotion and importance to a moment.

After 2 very serious talks, it is amusing to hear from one of the graduating students. He is a young man from South Africa and he is amusing and grateful. Very well spoken, witty and socially responsible.

And then they went through the grads: yay for Paul John Morgan! I missed the photo opportunity as I was trying to capture it on my real camera which totally didn't work. Oh well, between the 7 of us I'm sure they'll be one great photo.

And there you have it - sweet love is graduated. Next up a party to celebrate!

I posted this with the iPhone Blogger you can see, it loads pictures poorly. Lame!

Suspenders. So proud.
The professors, Chancellor and President.
The proud grad himself. Paul John Morgan.
Nancy and Katie ready to watch Paul walk the stage!
I knew two people graduating in this ceremony - Paul and Holly...they were next to each other. So random.
We were the first to get seated!
So many speeches...but this was the vibrant african.
Paul singing "O Canada" among his peers.
Paul proudly walking the stage.
Look! Holly's Parents.
Paul, getting ready to walk the stage.
Me and my sweet love! So proud!
Trying to hide from the rain before pictures.
Paul and his proud Papa.


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