Monday, November 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Leftovers Edition

This is an interesting week. Friday I made enough food to feed closer to 100 people for a party of 55 people. As per usual, I always cook too much! I was able to freeze most of it but there were some things that needed to be eaten.
So my menu plan this week revolves around taking the leftovers and turning them in to something else, rather than eat plain leftovers all week, which we’ve already done all weekend.

Original > Mini meatloaf cupcakes.
New Dish > Mini meatloaf cupcakes turned meatballs, saut̩ed with becel, onions, garlic and zucchini. Simmered in leftover marinara sauce and a can of Alfredo sauce. Served on a bed of Penne tossed with becel and parmesan. I sure can say it was served with rave reviews Рour company ate it right up!

Original, now sauteeing

Finished Product. Sooo tasty

Orginal >Roasted Ham, served cold and leftover veggies
New Dish > Spaghetti Ham Bake, using leftover veggies from the party to toss in the casserole.

Original > Roasted Ham, served cold, mashed potato “icing” and  Veggies & Dip
New Dish > Ham & mashed potato sandwich, served with Veggies & Dip

Original > Leftover Turkey & Celery
New Dish > Turkey melts w. celery on thin bread. Served with leftover Hummus and Pita and Chips and Guacamole.

Friday Paul is going to a guys event and I’m going to a girls event – for dinner I’ll be eating at the girls event and Paul will use leftover meat from the party to whip up a curry for him and Karen. Paul will also be taking the leftover Corn Chips and Pita Dip to the guys event with him.

Saturday we’ll be eating at a friends house and Sunday we’ll be serving frozen Lasagna to friends that are coming over.

Tonight we had our lifegroup over. Not only did they love my new dish (raved as one of my bests ever) we also had some great conversation out of our lifegroup. We read Galations 1 and it generated some interesting discourse! Afterwards Lyndsay and I went grocery shopping, and then head yet another awesome conversation in her car. We have TONS of great conversations constantly and so often in cars.

Now there is much laundry to fold. Ugh. Soon I’ll show you what our place looks like – thanks Nancy for the decorating help!

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