Friday, November 4, 2011

Wake up times, rewards and random thoughts.

First off, a thanks for the support from friends via email or comments…it really helped to blog about my mom…and have your support!

So I know I mentioned that that we got a new car and when we got rid of our old car we got approved for the BC Scrap it program and that we were getting 9 months of 3 zone bus passes, here are the details:

We had the choice of 9 months of 3 zone bus passes, $300 cash or $600 towards a new bike. Well I am already using my Auntie Debbie’s for free and $300 cash was the smallest prize, so we went with the 3 zone buss pass. This ended up being perfect because Paul took a job with his friend Josh doing construction. His location right now is in White Rock and it’s 3 zones to get there. Normally a 3 zone buss pass costs $150 a month!!!! Since we’ll be in town for only the next 6 months that still saves us $900…considering we paid $800 for that car, that’s pretty decent.

And yes, Paul is back to working. He started on Tuesday. Oh man – I do not like being woken up at 5:45am every morning….having a large man try to cuddle me…and then try to get back to sleep at like 6:15 after he leaves the room, only to have to wake up again at 7am.

I really really really don’t want to get up with Paul. 5:45am is soooo early. But since I’m working at 8am for the next month, it may end up making sense to get up with him….and do things around the house & some exercise. When I do go back to sleep after he leaves, I wake up at 7am feeling terrible. It doesn’t quite seem worth it. Thoughts?

You’ll be pleased to note that I am still riding my bike to work every day! Shocker, right? Today there was frost on the roof’s and I still rode. Where did this discipline come from??

Also I'm strangely addicted to Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan. Love. And I hated it when i first heard it.

Oh and ANTM Wed night? Awesome...and Grey's? Also awesome. I love TV.

And also - I am now at my Mom's. The three of us have just come back from the hot tub here. Before that we saw The Help and before that we had dinner with Jenna's kids. It has been a lovely evening. Jenna is now off collecting her baby so he can sleep here with here and Mom is taking her night meds and I'm sitting happily. We're now going to watch the news and then hit the hay. Good first day!

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LeAnna et David said...

maybe you can sell your extra bus passes?


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