Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Catch up

What a weekend. What a week in fact. 

Paul's party went Awesomely on Friday. My wonderful friend and fellow blogger Laura took photos - so I'll post hers when I get them!

Saturday we woke up at 8 and joined Nancy, Katie and Joel (Katie's boyfriend) for breakfast at Solly's and the winter's farmers market - all in the rain! Afterwards I took a lovely hot bath, complete with sangria and iPad (catching up on Once Upon a Time). We lounged around the house and unchilled from the outside. It was lovely. We then headed out to Queen Elizabeth Park - Bloedel Conservatory to take family pictures as a Christmas gift to Nancy. Paul, Katie, Nancy and I had fun taking pictures - rain pouring outside, us warm in a tropical conservatory. Lovely. We did get a few wintery rainy photos outdoors to keep with the Pacific Northwest location.

Braving the weather

Taste Testing

Purdy's Ice Cream Bar

A sneak peak at our pictures.

And a sneak peak at the party food!
Later in the evening we joined up with friends of ours for an american thanksgiving dinner. There were 12 of us in total. It was a LOVELY evening. After dinner we all stayed up to play games - I stayed up with some girls and we played quite a rousing game of Dutch Blitz...and by quite rousing I mean hysterical, full of screams and tons of laughter We were fairly ridiculous and it was awesome. I was reminded again of how amazingly lucky I feel to have the friends and family I have. I am pretty amazingly lucky. 

Sunday I got to sleep in until 10, and then woke up (an hour before my alarm) feeling rested. It motivated me to get up and clean the house - we had brought in all the stuff from the party but only put the fridge stuff it was quite a lot of crap we had laying around. It felt great to finally clean that up. Then Paul and Nancy came back and we decorated the house. Nancy is an interior designer - I'm generally terrible at knowing what design stuff looks great. We had tons of pictures - but I have no idea where to put them up. So after a year and a half we finally got them up! I'll post pictures tomorrow or soon, haha. 

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LeAnna et David said...

You look adorable in that Purdy's picture :)


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