Tuesday, November 22, 2011

USA shopping and Winter Stock Up

Today I headed down to the USA to stock up on food, have coffee with an old camp friend and pick Paul's mom up from the Amtrak Station in Bellingham. I woke up early and headed to White Rock with Paul to drop him off at work, and then crossed the border in record time! Seriously like 2 minutes total. Awesome. I then headed down to Marysville to WinCo - most favorite store ever! Cheap, awesome goods. Between Marysville WinCo, Burlington Walmart and Bellingham Costco - I got everything I needed for Paul's Grad Party, stocked up for the winter and bought almost everything I needed for Christmas, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Gift Giving and Christmas Baking - so stoked! $550 and ready to go!

Before the sorting

 So much stuff...and this is only part of it

My Christmas Baking Box - these are only the non-standard items. 
Flour, sugar, etc are still packed away in the cupboard.

Finally all in the pantry...including 12 Alfredo's and 10 Cheese Sauces. Too many Ziplock Bags. Non Christmas Baking Goods and all sorts of asian sauce mixes.

14 Hunt's 4 Cheese Tomato Sauce (that's for you Candace), 8 Roasted Peppers, 14 salad dressing mixes, plus 2 boxes of ranch dressing powder, and all sorts of added spices.

20 Chili's, 20 Soups, Monster Energy Drinks for me and Guinness for Paul.

Our drinks cupboard backup cupboard: 
Chai, Almond Milk, Sangria, Pop and many many Starbucks Syrups.

Also: Dinner for Monday - we had the leftovers tonight...sooooo tasty.

I'm so glad to have Paul's mom in town. I like her a lot and Paul is soooo excited to have her here. 
It's gonna be a great week!

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LeAnna et David said...

so glad! hurrah for great weeks :)


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