Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday & Costume Party

Today was lovely. 

Slept in (plus an hour, thanks daylight savings!), had breakfast and then took a lovely walk in the fall sunshine with my mom and sister to McDonald's for free coffee. Then we had a lovely walk back to my mom's...then mom and I headed out to run some errands and ended up back at my place for shrimp salad and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. 

Next up church: Paul was preaching (so we sat in the front row). He was amazing. People responded so well, with much vocal response. Pretty good for a church in Canada. We had worship and highlights (i had to go up on stage and say an announcement and I'm always so nervous!!). We had coffee as usual downstairs after church and I loved the change to talk to the church folk. 

After church we rushed home to make a pasta entry and get our costumes on for Deve's 30th - I was going as Miss Universe and Paul was going as Rambo. Awesome. It was a killer party - we had a blast. I danced the evening away with many awesome women. 
With the lovely Julie
 With Sheila

 With Mila!!
 That Rambo, so hard core
 Dancing - following DJ instruction. I was terrible at it.
 That Rambo, even more hard core!
 Ereka and I! Notice my ever present Miss Universe wave?
 A bunch of the gang
 Including TC & Irene, Dr & Nurse Extraordinaire.

Rose and I - with a Calgary flames fan charging in the background
Me with my new friend Rachel
aaaand Rambo popping through in the background
A bunch of us :)
So much fun!

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