Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - on Tuesday, again.

Monday: Chicken and Noodle Stirfry, Steamed Garlic Asparagus and Sauteed Mushrooms.
Tuesday: Pizza (with sausage added) and Salad for Paul and Karen. Pumpkin Soup for Tara and Stefany (at bible study)
Wednesday: Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Icing, and Roasted Vegetables.
Thursday: Tomato/Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese and Ham.
Friday: Potstickers w. Yoshida Chicken
Saturday: Soya Chicken Kabobs, Basmati Rice, Steamed Asparagus and Parmesan Zucchini
Sunday: Turkey melts for lunch. Hummus, Pita and Veggies, Wings and Zucchini Chips for Dinner.

Yesterday was surprisingly hectic. I worked late, making sure to get board binders ready for a big board meeting today. We received the final proof at 2pm – and each was 75 pages long. We had to print 15, insert tabs and bind. I got done at 4:30.

I rushed home (and by rushed home I mean I still rode my bike all the way home, just as quickly as possible), made dinner, ate dinner with Karen and Paul, had a shower (on account of the crazy bike ride home), head lifegroup over from 7-8:30 and then had my sisters (Jenna and my SIL Katie) over until 11. Paul was at a men’s meeting from 8:30 until 10:30 (and then chatting in our alley with his Dad until 11:30). Bed felt so late at midnight since I knew I’d be waking up with Paul this morning at 5:45am. Gross.

This weekend was great though. I visited my friend Rebekah down in Seattle. We had a lovely time chatting, eating, resting and shopping. It was a perfect time. I always love time spent with her – and we always have great conversations.

I got back late Saturday night (made it through the border in 8 minutes despite everyone else waiting for 40….I picked the right lane for sure!). Since I had like TONS of groceries there was a flurry of activity when I first got home, followed by drinks and SNL with my sweetest love.

Sunday morning we slept in, lounged in bed for a bit, and then headed out for brunch (I had a coupon). We had a lovely morning together. Then he had a meeting at church and I had to head home and prep for running registration at church for the Christmas Banquet. Church was good – I didn’t get to enjoy most of it because I was looking after my nephews since my sister and her husband were helping the youth lead the service. I had a great time with the boys though.

After church we headed straight home. We rested for one hour, had dinner (Tomato/Basil Soup with Biscuits), and then spent the rest of the night cleaning. We started by 7pm and stopped at 11:30pm. BUT our house is finally in order again. Until last night the main areas looked clean (but weren’t actually organized) and our bedroom was a disaster zone (95% my fault). Now the house is clean and organized. It is so much easier to exist in.

Now that I’ve tackled the worst of the mess/disorganization there are 10 main areas I want to deal with. Following the basic principles from Org Junkie (which I’ve been following for the past few months) I’ve picked one to do each week. Since I’ve started this system I’ve gone from 32 spots to organize to 10. Here is what I have left:

1. Paperwork: (Nov 14 – Nov 20)
• Apply for Nexus, Call Craft Desk ppl, Chiropractic forms & CRC to langara
2. Sort Papers – Consolidate from craftroom and Conquer (Nov 21 – Nov 27)
3. Sort out storage area (House / Events / Crafts / Seasonal) (Nov 28 – Dec 4)
4. Organize Shopping Bags into a good system (Dec 5 – Dec 11)
5. Fill Craft Station (Dec 5 – Dec 11)
6. Reorder Bookshelves and Games (Dec 12 – Dec 18)
7. Bedside Drawers (Dec 19 – Dec 25)
8. Make Cards for all occasions (Goal of 30) (Dec 26 – Jan 1)
9. Reorganize Africa Corner / Possible move (Jan 2 – Jan 8)
10. Organize Bedroom Closet (Jan 9 – Jan 15)

My mother in law gave me a Crate & Barrel Gift Certificate 2 christmases ago, but since we don't ahve them here I wasn't able to use it until this weekend in Seattle when I found myself at a starbucks next door to Crate & Barrel. So stoked. I bought two christmas mugs (one is pictured below), a cookie scoop, a spoon stand and christmas baking gift boxes.

We've also hit the start of the Christmas Season - Peppermint Bark, Peppermint Mocha's and Christmas Mugs...I sure do love Christmas!

And lastly....Paul's beloved team, the Green Bay Packers, are having a great season (following a superbowl winner last year). This makes him happy. So happy, he splurged and bought me a matching Tshirt so I can stand with him in fandom (not that I understand football in the slightest - but I sure do love to match).

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