Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spontaneous date night

Today was a slow and peaceful day. I hopped on my bike bright and early (also FREEZING) and had a lovely ride to work with some great vancouver views (photos to come once I get my iPhone). Work was good - I took two walks for work to run errands and it was sooooo cold. BUT the day was great and I had a great lunch with my friend Laura.

I left work early to get to the BC Scrap It center in Surrey. I had to drive our old car to Surrey to have it scrapped - in return we receive 9 months worth of 3 zone buss passes for Paul to use to get to work (construction) worth $150 a month. So that's pretty sweet!

Anyways - google maps said it would take 34 minutes. I got home and to the car at 4pm. The auto shop closed at 5pm. I thought that would be more than enough time. Then I hit traffic. and more traffic. and more traffic. Paul was at the BC Scrap It office, having come from work in White Rock, trying to stall them. He managed to get them to stay open until I arrived (at 5:15) all the while talking me through the directions AND listening to me freaking out in the car because it sounded like hella-death and i was super concerned. I managed to get there AND they stayed open AND we got our car turned in. Thank you Jesus! We definitely were praying for a miracle and it definitely came through.

After the most like stressful hour ever (for me, not in the grand scheme of life or the world obviously) and a wonderful ending Paul and I headed in to Burnaby on Kingsway to the pub Wings. I've always wanted to go and we wanted to stay near Value Village so I got to go finally! We shared an appie platter ($20 bucks) complete with a greek wings - so tasty. I'm fairly picky about appies, especially appie platters. I have high expecations for tate, content and variety and except it to be under $25. Bold, I know. This hit every expectation of mine! I haven't had an appie platter so perfect since Calgary at the Irish Pub - and before that since Fast Eddies.

It was a lovely spontaneous date. Next up 3 hours of searching at Value Village (x2), H&M, Old Navy & Zellers for costume pieces for a costume party we're going to Sunday (as I mentioned in an earlier post). Ugh - no luck! Now it's back o the drawing board for costumes!

Anyways, home now for wine and a tv show. I love a night with my hubby!

Also - after Halloween my 80's crimped hair stayed until tonight - here's how it looked at work today:


LeAnna et David said...

i love spontaneous date nights, and appie platters :)

Mrs. R said...

Hey Tara, I love reading your blog. I love hearing how happy you are with Paul. Good luck with your costumes. You could go as a Pan Am stewartess and Paul as a pilot, since you both love the show! It would be so fun to dress like that!


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