Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great Saturday with the family

Saturday has been lovely. Got up early, awoken by a sweet baby crying. Little sweet, baby. I was on an upper bunk bed..but i still got some cuddles with him.

After we got up, we ate up some Egg Muffins and then headed to my place to have haircuts/styles and prep the high tea. High tea was lovely:

Then we headed to Granville Island to take photos with our friends Nick and Laura. We wanted to capture the three of us while mom can still be active in photos. We had so much fun and Nick and Laura were amazing and professional. We felt comfortable and had a great time. It was a perfectly beautiful day and sooo lovely. We are so pleased with their work
Sneak Peaks:
The group of us

 The whole gang: Mom, me, Austin & Jenna

Then we headed to my house and had dinner together with Paul. We had a lovely time chatting and laughing.

We then headed back to mom's to watch home movies and eat homemade hummus and homemade Pita Chips. We are having a lovely time! Awesome! and Mom feels loved and happy. And we are drinking wine. Life is pretty good.

FYI - we know how to treat our mom like a queen...throne, wine and Jenna, kneeling on the ground, painting her toenails.

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