Thursday, November 17, 2011

Of Rants and Facebook

Have you seen this meme on Facebook:
“,I cant hold it anymore WE'RE EXPECTING :D 6 weeks!!! I know, I know it's crazy isn't it? Can't believe it myself -I wasn't going to put it on here but wanted to make it official, I mean who would have guessed that we're expecting!!! Yup, it's official, we are expecting Christmas in just over 6 weeks!!!
Re-post if u have a sense of humor...& feel like giving your family & friends a heart attack.

Or this one, meant to raise breast cancer awareness:
“I’m 6 weeks and craving skittles”

I thought they were silly when I first saw them. In fact I refused to participate because I thought it was dumb…but I didn’t realize how hurtful it could be until I read the following blog entries:

I’m Zero Weeks and Craving Baby
Oh Facebook
Pretending you’re pregnant isn’t cute
I’m pregnant, just kidding, new facebook meme for breast cancer awareness
I’m a liar.
Regarding facebook breast cancer


Now I try to avoid posting ANYTHING controversial on facebook. I have too many “friends” who can spew vitriol like nothing else. I HATE being attacked for having an opinion; I don’t think it’s appropriate…so I keep my thoughts to myself on facebook, except for happy /shallow things and I’m OK with that. I’ll talk to you in person about what I care about, in fact I prefer it because then we get to have a coffee date.

BUT this time I felt I should post something…I have lots of kind, gracious, godly friends who are posting these meme’s who think it is all fun and games and someone needs to tell them! Even at the risk of backlash.

The next topic I didn’t know how to address today: Occupy Vancouver and the protesters march on Brookfield Properties.

I work for Brookfield Asset Management in Vancouver…less than 2 blocks from the Brookfield Properties site, and of course, as the name suggests, we are affiliated with them…strongly.

This is a great company. I work in an office that deals with asset management: specifically timberlands, energy and finance (like building hospitals and rail projects). This company treats its employees well, doesn’t burn through money at a ridiculous rate (like other corporate companies I could name), and works to preserve the environment in its dealings.

So I don’t get why we’re public enemy number one at the moment. Oh wait, is it because Brookfield Properties asked illegal squatters to move off of Brookfield Properties Property, and after 2 months of asking nicely, finally used police force to evict them?? Wait, why is that bad? I don’t get it. If you came and camped illegally on my lawn I’d ask you to leave too…and if you didn’t I’d get Paul to come help, and if that didn’t work I’d sure call the police a lot sooner than 2 months.

And if you’re mad at Brookfield Properties for trying to not let their personal belongings get wrecked (audacious, I know) then why in the world do you think a solution to that frustration is to get a bunch of people together on a work day, block traffic in the downtown core of a town in a different city and country, and try to interrupt people doing work? People who literally had nothing to do with your “friends” in New York being evicted. Hmmm? I still don’t get it.

I’m going to stop now…because I could get in to a rant about protesting and occupy Vancouver and all sorts of things, but I hate arguing…and I’m going to get enough flack for this as it is.

In other news, we had our friends the Chibota’s over last night for dinner (which I posted about last night) and great conversation. The night before we both had bible study and then I had my dear friend Lyndsay over…we talked from 7:45 until 11:30 and only stopped because we both needed to part ways so we could get some sleep.

Tonight is a hang out with my sister, then bed by 9:30 (hopefully) and tomorrow night is an early dinner and then a church vision retreat meeting, which lasts most of Friday evening and all of Saturday. After that we’re having my nana over for dinner Saturday and Sunday I am spending the day with my friend Sarah, making cards for an upcoming craft fair. I won’t even get in to the details of next week because it gets even busier from here!


Paraphrase said...

No flack here. I am proud of you for posting what you feel. Sometimes, it's okay to have stung opinions, and it's okay if everyone doesn't agree on everything :)

LeAnna et David said...

I agree with you on both :)

Baby stuff is something I could go on a big long rant about, on a number of levels--people are often inconsiderate without meaning to be, so unless our feelings are directly hurt it is good to be gracious and point them in the right direction.


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