Monday, May 23, 2011

Long Weekend Monday

I have had a wonderful time today. Long weekend Monday. Ahhh. 

Last night we stayed up until almost 3am watching movies in bed (edited to add - originaly sentace read: "Last night we stayed up until almost 3am watching Harry Potter in bed" sounded very creepy). Excellent. We did not get up until 11:30 - glorious. I did some work on Candace's Bachelorette party invites and caught up on some more Glee and worked on cards for the many Morgan birthdays in May. We headed out to Delta for an afternoon BBQ and enjoyed a thoroughly relaxing family time. It was so nice. Sun, wine, burgers and great company. 

We headed home (with a brief detour at Sears to buy Crocs for both of us, as per the Chiropractor, for use around the house) and I got to hang out with Candace for a few hours. It's been a great night resting, relaxing and chatting. Catching up on Glee, eating chips, and preparing lunches and breakfasts for the week ahead. 

All in all it's been a great Holiday Monday - and it's a short week for me as I've taken Friday off to be on Wedding Duty. Woo!

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