Sunday, May 22, 2011

Green Party

So casserole day was 98% a success. I made 14 of 16 - and the only reason I didn't make all 16 was that somehow I miscalculated and managed to only have enough ingredients for 14. Seriously don't know how that happened. 

We now have 14 casseroles in the freezer. On top of that I got to sleep in with my dear husband, and enjoy a great morning with him, and then get started on food prep. I worked from 12:30pm until 5:30pm - and have so many casseroles to show for it. 

After that I lounged around, read some Little house on the Prarie, drank some wine and relaxed thoroughly. Afterwards Paul and I attended our friend Sarah's Green Birthday Party. Green is her favorite colour, so all the candy and clothes were green!
It was a great party!

Sunday morning we woke up to no alarm - awesome. Then I joined Jenna and Connor at the play place at Oakridge and came back to cook a Mexican Fiesta Breakfast at Lunchtime. I am so enjoying the long weekend. 
We ran coffee service at church for our Reception Sunday, had a great worship service and then had my parents over for dinner. We are now catching up on some TV and enjoying some relaxed time. Looking forward to getting some work done tomorrow and joining Paul's family for birthday lunch. WOo!

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