Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 29: Plan B and Mailout

Last night was all about Plan B. My first plan was to go grocery shopping, get home to make dinner, and spend the evening working on prep. Then my friend Kaela was in the hospital, so we added her to the plan. Go grocery shopping, stop by the hospital to visit Kaela for an hour or so, then go home eat and do food prep. Then I realized, since I was making a Mexican fiesta for dinner we should really have our friend Lyndsay over for dinner since we all get along with her really well and she loves Mexican.

Here’s how the night actually went; Grocery shopping with Paul, Hospital to visit Kaela and her family, and then Mexican Fiesta Dinner with Lyndsay, Candace and Paul – there was a lot of food, laughing, and then eventually TV watching. I did manage to get the last of last week’s veggie’s chopped and in the freezer to make in to soup later (not as ideal as actually making soup, but more ideal than throwing it away), and Lyndsay talked with me while I put all the groceries away. It was a lovely evening, even if not what I’d originally planned.

Today is tedious. I've printed 230 letters. Printed labels for 230 companies. I have folded 230 letters. I have labeled 230 envelopes. I am now stuffing all of them and next I will glue them shut and apply postage. Yech. 230 times.

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LeAnna et David said...

i'm guessing you can't listen to your ipod (or whatever) at work. Today I sat and scanned over 70 documents. I kept my sanity by listening to music.


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