Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 18: Birthdays and Books

Last night was lovely. I hung out with my sister, my husband and my two favorites nephews. Connor and I played catch for quite some time and he was being soooo cute. Giggling like a maniac. I loved it. I’m so glad to have a sister that is a safe, restful and enjoyable friend.

My birthday is coming up on Sunday and Jenna’s is coming up on Tuesday. We were born two years and two days apart. We will be having a combined birthday dinner on Sunday...just a few friends as many of our closest friends are out of town at the moment. We’re looking forward to a nice night in with people we love.

Heading to the states tonight and I can’t wait! I love getting out and about, especially with lovely ladies and I love to buy groceries for cheap! It’s the best of all worlds.

Lately I’ve ended up reading 4 different fiction books about World War 2, 3 specifically placed in Germany. I have been enjoying reading the history aspect, as well as the story aspect. Of course, it is a gruesome topic and has made me quite nervous and sad at times when reading. On the whole though I am glad to be informed about what has happened in the past. For me, historical fiction is the only way I will learn it. I have such trouble remembering or learning about history until I read about it in a story. I am glad there are people who write that way. Right now I am reading a story and I’m feeling very caught up in the emotion of it all - it’s sad to think about what people have gone through in the past, especially when I read the paper and am reminded that all around the world there are still terrible things happening to people. In the face of tragedy like that, I do not know how to respond. I wish I could help. I wonder what I would have done as a Christian if I had been born in a place going through turmoil. Would I meekly follow along trying not to stand out or would I take a stand or make a difference? I like to think I’d be heroic, but I don’t think we can know that until we’re in a time and place to be tried.

On a slightly more upbeat tone...I love books. I love stories. I love characters. I get so engrossed in my books. I am thankful that reading exists. I love turning off my mind and diving in to a story. Oh joy.

Alright. Back to life. Back to work. Back to printing out directions for our trip to Seattle. Woot woot!

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