Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 21 Part 2

This weekend we have a women's retreat that I have planned with a group of ladies. Planning, plus I"m speaking on the prep for this weekend is generally fairly intense.

So tonight was my night to get stuff around the house done. Tuesdays I feed a group of 7 women and I had run out of casseroles so I needed to make a meal for tomorrow. I needed to prep desserts for the weekend. I needed to do one load of laundry and fold 4. I needed to shower (trust me, you'll thank me if you get to smell me, haha), and dry my hair (which takes freaking forever since I have super thick hair). I needed to tidy the house and ESPECIALLY the bedroom, out of respect for my wonderful husband. I needed to finish prepping the food I bought in the states (divide, package and freeze beef, shred cheese to freeze, etc).

Phew. I managed to do it all! AND I am so excited to eat the casserole I made up for tomorrow. Plus the Peanut Butter Bark I made is possibly the best dessert I have ever attempted. It is the perfect mix of my Peanut Butter Cups and my Peppermint Bark. I think the best part of the night though was the fact that I've also managed to watch 2 episodes of America's Next Top Model and 1 episode of Grey's Anatomy. The fact that I've enjoyed a glass of Sangria and felt relaxed is a dream.

I will lay on this couch for half an hour until Paul comes home and then we shall chat and laugh and be in love. :)

I very much like my husband. I woke up late today and Paul was totally happy to drive me downtown to work. Afterwards he came downtown for lunch as well! Oh I like my husband!

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