Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 28: Mexican Fiesta!

I am very happy today. After church last night we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s to hang out with family and celebrate my aunt’s birthday. We watched the hockey game (GO Canucks!), ate good food, and had great conversation. I went to bed before 11(!!) but then just before 12 Paul got in to bed, and woke me up to chat as I’d been away all weekend and he missed me. It was sweet and tiring. We stayed up until 1:30 taking and then finally I got to go back to sleep.

Throughout church and the hangout with family people kept complimenting me on the women’s retreat. It’s so cool that people loved it so much! It was important that we build a place for God to move, and boy did he! Can’t wait to plan more in the future!

Tonight I will be making a Mexican Fiesta Dinner. Chicken Fajitas with homemade Guacamole and homemade Salsa. Mmmmm. We will have Sangria to go with that. Ole!

Afterwards I am going to make a large vat of veggie soup, more chocolate Zucchini Loaf (we all liked it so much, we want to try it with chocolate chips in it now) and Egg Muffins for the week (trying for 2 weeks worth of healthy breakfasts). Afterwards, Laundry will be done and then Paul and I will watch the How I met your Mother season Finale. Phew!

Yesterday I got the chance to clean out our fridge and figure out which veggies leftovers needed to be turned in to soup (just spinach and carrots – so spinach soup, here we come!). Our fridge is empty and ready to be filled again. In 15 minutes I will leave work and meet Paul at the Costco downtown. We’ll get groceries, socks and some sort of treat for a friend who we’re visiting in the hospital after. We will stop by to see our friend, and then head home for the Mexican Fiesta.

Paul tells me that he has done some things around the house that I’m going to like, but that I’ll have to figure out what they are. Suspicious and exciting.

I wish I could find my camera cord as I have lots of food pictures to post – wait, maybe you readers are happy that I can’t find my cord, haha.

Alright, off to costco, the hospital to see our dear friend and then home for the fiesta!


Paraphrase said...

Okay, you can skip #26, but this one really should be #28! Lol.

Tara said...

True Story. Changed!


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