Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 16: Survey

Five Rapid Fire Questions

1. Favorite book?

Blue Castle – Lucy Maud Montgomery

2. Favorite television show?

The Office followed by Hellcats and ANTM

3. Favorite movie?

Anchorman, then Blades of Glory and then Blind Side

4. Favorite fictional character?

Pam Beasley from the office – We are both receptionists and I think she’s awesome.

5. Favorite Meal?

Appies! Deep fried Appies!

Four Hypothetical Questions

1. You are invited to participate in the Laser Tag Championship game, which is no doubt sponsored by ESPN and Geico. Name the 3 people you would select for your team and why.

Paul and Prakash for sure! Actually I think I’d get my friend Laura F to help. I don’t say that because she is one of the like 10 people that reads my blog, but in fact it is because she is competitive, feisty and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

2. Let's assume you are a musician. An angel of the Lord visits you one night and tells you that you have two choices.
A.) You can be the most popular musician in the world, but anyone of intellectual significance will realize your music is really just crap. But your popularity means you will be unfathomably wealthy, famous, and the opinion of critics will have no adverse affect on you or your family.
B.) You can be a nobody musician while you are alive. You will literally have no fans outside of your family, but after you are dead, your work will be regarded as genius and you will be hailed as a prodigy. No one from your immediate family will ever be aware of this change in public opinion though.
Which scenario do you choose?

I would most definitely pick A. I’d love to be able to give up my job and do ministry…and if I made enough money quickly I could give up music and just be with people! Woo!

3. If, in the near future, your entrance into any restaurant, business, party, etc. could be prefaced by introduction music, what song would you choose and why?

“Walking on Sunshine/Halo” mashup by Glee.

4. Let's assume that in the near future, scientists invent a dream DVR that records your nightly dreams with excruciating detail. They appear as though they were a HD television show each time you dream and no details are left out. The feelings, emotions, and action within your dreams are all expressed and contextualized properly.
However, the only way you can watch these dreams is if 10 of your closest friends / family assemble to watch your dreams with you. Do you agree to this?

Heck no. Even if it’s just a dream, my dreams are vivid and I am generally a giant wimp in them. No way. Plus lately it’s all zombie movies and there is no way I want to see that again!

Three Final Random Questions

1. What’s something the average human would be surprised to learn about you?

I am weird about hangers. I have favorite hangers and I feel bad for the clothes that get hung on the less favorite hangers. I prefer the nice plastic hangers (not giant, normal sized) and HATE wire hangers and every time I hang something on a wire hanger I feel like a mean person for subjecting my clothes to that hanger.

2. What is your biggest pipedream?

I want to be in full time women’s/family ministry. I want to be able to be financially secure and do the ministry that is on my heart. I want to have a large home that we own that people can come in and stay at, or visit at, or drop by. I want to bless people abundantly with my giant home, and create a safe haven for people, a place where people come and immediately feel at home. I want to not raise support.

I live in Vancouver. Both of these dreams seem very pipe-ish. But I am praying that God will find a way to provide, because oh man, these are the dreams of my heart!

3. In 10 years, where do you hope to find yourself?

I want to be friends with everyone I am friends with now, plus more awesome people. I want to be closer to my family than I am now, and I want to be spending more time on the things I love to do and less on the things I don’t really care for.

**Laura, feel free to steal this and use it for inspiration - I know you're feeling uninspired today!**

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Paraphrase said...

Haha, thanks :) You do know that I have no depth perception and, thus, terrible aim, right? Lol.


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