Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 17: One of those days...

I just did something that I love to do. I got to take people and put them in to groups. This is one of my strengths. I love this ability. It made wedding planning and trip planning for campus ministry so much fun!

Right now I am in charge of receiving all the room requests for our upcoming women’s retreat and putting them all together. I have 7-10 rooms to play with all ranging from 5-8 places each. I had 37 women to find rooms for, and did not want to have a lot of empty spaces.

By the end I had narrowed it down to 7 cabins, and had filled every roommate request. I am happy with the groupings and more importantly I think the people in them will be too.

For some reason though I feel anxious about it. It seems a sensitive thing to arrange. What if someone is unhappy? The people pleaser in me is half excited to make people happy and half nervous to let people down. Ridiculous.

Today is one of “those” days… The day isn’t bad. The day is productive. The day even holds good things in it with people I love. BUT…all I want to do is be in bed, sleeping. I long for sleep.

I’m heading to the chiropractors after work, then dinner with Paul, then hangout with my sister then coffee with my friend Stef. It will be long but nice evening with some of my favorite people.

Friday I am headed to Seattle with 3 wonderful women (Lyndsay, Kari and Kaela) and I am so excited! We did pre marital with Kari and her husband and we love them dearly – so a chance to be with her is always lovely. Kaela is Kari’s daughter and I think she is awesome. I really look forward to getting to know her better. We had a lunch date a few months back that I thoroughly enjoyed. Lyndsay is a dear friend, former roommate (in two different places, wooo) and a great lady. We are going to have an awesome time and we will laugh a lot. And sit in the Hot Tub. Oh yeah.

We’ll head back Saturday night because both Kari and I have birthdays on Sunday (and it’s mothers day for her!) so we want to be back in our homes with our families. I’m looking forward to sleeping in with Paul, hanging out for the morning, going to church and then having some friends over for a birthday thing. Not sure on the details – am having trouble making a plan.

I am frustrated. I had a tiff with a friend over email today and it makes me sad. I really care about this friend and we have an annoying habit of miscommunication in a way that makes us annoyed with each other. I don’t know how to resolve the feelings. We both shared our frustrations, we both made it clear we didn’t mean to frustrate the other…but oh man, it’s hard to just move on in my heart sometimes. But I know that this friendship is worth sticking it out for. I know that this friendship is enjoyable, and life bringing. I know when we choose to put God first he is glorified and he is in our relationship. Actually just typing all that made my heart feel a lot better.

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