Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday of a long weekend *sigh of happiness*

I am so happy. It is gorgeously sunny outside. On top of that one of the managers just came by to tell me that I could go home at 3pm today. 3pm!! Just that new knowledge was enough to push my mood from “happy, but starting a work day”, to “Happy!! And starting a work day!” Awesome.

My boss comes in on Tuesday from Toronto to talk with me about how to proceed with the big office move. We have years of folder and files stored here. On top of that we have even more years of files stored at a storage facility. This was all originally documented well, and now it’s a bit all over the place.

We have stationary. Tons of stationary. Binder, paper, pens, etc. We have kitchen things. We have so much to move. I’m very glad she’ll be here in person to lead me through how to proceed.

(P.S. if they’re wanting to get rid of the awesome white bowls I totally call dibs.)

Tonight is our friend Mike’s Birthday. Paul and I will rest at home and then head over there. In the morning we will sleep in!!, then I’ll go for a walk with Candace while Paul gets started on homework. When I return I will make 16 casseroles; 11am until 6pm is officially food prep time! Then we’ll head over to our friend Sarah’s birthday party. Sunday is a walk with Katie and then back storage area time and paper sorting (numbers 1 and 2 on my list for 33 weeks of Organization, until church. After church we’re having my parents over for dinner and a visit. Monday (love long weekends) we will again sleep in, I will make lunches and breakfasts for the week and we will head out to Delta for a family dinner with Paul’s family for my, Katie’s, Ted’s and Janice’s Birthdays. Afterwards I will make sure all laundry is folded and put away. Our house will be in some order! Paul has a dinner meeting, but I will enjoy an evening in with tasty healthy food…hopefully followed up with a book or some TV catch up.

I’m very excited for this weekend and the chance to get some things done. It helps it not hang over my head the way it could. I have trouble relaxing when I know there are things that need to get done. Doing the 33 week challenge helps because I know it will get done; and having a weekend to start really helps as well. Phew.


Paraphrase said...

You inspire me. I cleaned my house tonight and made a list of the six or seven things I need to do, too. I didn't blog about them, but they are on the whiteboard on the fridge :)

LeAnna et David said...

your resume is going to be really awesome with the whole office move experience on it :)


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